Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. beaver

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    Can police use their discretion? 82 in an 80 zone could be used as an example.
  2. djozzie

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    That would be a perfect example of when it could apply. If you were alleged to be doing 82 in an 80 zone, you would have been detected on radar or laser doing at least 65, due to the margin of error that gets taken off the detected speed.

    It would have to be a pretty hardassed cop to intercept someone for that and actually book them for it. If I pulled someone over doing that speed (not that I ever have or probably ever would), it would have to be due to a combination of factors, not just the speed - general bad driving or a car that looks unroadworthy, etc.

    On the other hand, if it was the result of a speed camera, then it gets done automatically and we have no say in it.
  3. mafi-zed

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    curiously (not getting smart) but have you ever been in a really shitty mood one day and just taken it out on motorists via giving them fines for petty infringments when on a normal day you wouldnt?
  4. djozzie

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    No, not that I can really think of. I've had the (mis)fortune of working in some of the most drug infested suburbs around, so if I was ever in a shitty mood, I would hassle the dealers and other crooks.
  5. Evil Twin

    Evil Twin Time to 'Suit Up'!

    second all that!

    More so for cops in SE Melbourne. All i have to say is does anyone remember what happen to those 2 poor buggers in South Rd Moorabbin? I used to go right past that spot everynight at around that time. Only i just moved to qld or was visiting.. and wasnt there that week... Always felt like if i was there i might of seen something and been able to so something.. I dont blame cops for being defensive if they feel the situation deserves it. I would like to go home and see my missus and be there for her for the rest of my life. If some dip shit cant respect that aspect of how the police conduct themselves doing their JOB.. F**k em! I would keep a yellow pages handy for just such an occassion.

    Well done DJ for coming out of the closet:p I cant argue with anything you have said. On the other hand i reserve the right to change that opinion if i ever have the pleasure of doing 'business' with you next time im down in Melbourne :D
  6. maTTz

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    Yeah I agree, nice to have you on here and posting for us, we need a balanced representation and it's good to reinforce in our minds that it's not so polar.

    I actually like the police officers that pull me over, usually they are more courteous and respectful than other ppls in society, and often i've been let off on warnings.

  7. 4CE FED

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    I've never had any issues with the police, (even when done for 75 in a 60zone from 467m by a handheld speed gun in a group of 6 cars in rain, I didn't argue....even when the officer made me get out and stand in the rain whilst he wrote my ticket sitting inside his car) but having to follow all that stuff so I don't offend a police officer when being pulled over is extremely arrogant and adds to the whole reason people do not like the police.
    By the way, being called sir is not patronising at all, it's purely a title....please explain what you would like us to call you.

  8. ports

    ports the pro

    Yes, I concur with those sediments.:cool:
  9. badxtc

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    more on roboflops

    when i was reading your post and i read things like , "i quot" when I pull you over don't do this and don't do that and so on and so on, to me that looks like your having a go at me/us , maybe it was the presentation. we all have been pulled up for many different reasons and in different ways, that's just the way it is. some cops think they are all that and a bit more behind a badge,

    but anyway I'm over it i hope i did not upset any1. we all have our own opinion on this so yeah that's cool but anyway.

    p.s that thing about (rpbpflops targeting zed ) was just a joke, i thought you would have picked up on that.

    cheers Alex
  10. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    Sir in itself is not patronising. I will pick my mark when pulling someone over and either call them mate or sir depending on the circumstance. I was referring more to the tone that it is used in. I'm sure you know what I mean by that.
  11. supercharged1600

    supercharged1600 Datsun Fiend

    ok, i only had time to read the first few posts so...

    *fog lights legal if
    as far as I read the ADRS, no forward facing light may be fitted to a vehicle other than said high and low beams of 'x' millimeters from ground height at an angle of(blah blah)..., other than an amber turn signal (once upon a time were refered to as "Trafficators").
    simalarly no rearward facing light other than tail and stop lamps, white <15W reversing lights and said turn signals.

    ...thus no yellow fog lamps, white however may be used, but not yellow.

    *The estimated speed may only be used if the vehicle has a current valid "speedometer verification".... most of which they do nowadays, but not all police vehicles.

    At the end of the day the whole speeding thing is going to be a thing of the past, due to confidentiallity agreements i cant say much, but in the next 5 or so years 95% of cars on Aus road will have GPS which will be irrefutable.... speed and you will get caught. Then next logical step is to interface this GPS with the ECU to "road specific" "speed limit" vehicles, and have "barcode" scanning/datatag vehicle recognition, where 'X' vehicle whilst being persuded will be remotely shut down.

    Dont laugh the company i work for has all ready started this....
    It is a bit scary :(
  12. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    I was picked up late last night by 2 female cops after a cruise to the city.Other than asking what i was doing out this late at night 1am :eek: ,i took djozzie's advice and stayed in the car,and was polite .They gave me a breatho,said i have a nice car and i was on my way.Maybe a few of the people here should take that advice and all will be cool .Not all cops are like the 2 who had it in for a yellow zed ;) ;) ;) ;)
    And thanks for the advice the other night dj,you probably saved me a canary ,cheers
  13. brooksie

    brooksie New Member

    Its been done on trucks for years,

    Data loggers, logs speed, acceleration, Gear changes, revs, Location, Time, Driver, fuel economy...

    Companys use these to sort out the good drivers from the bad, the ones that flog engines, speed, drive out of hours etc...

  14. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    I'm not having a go at anyone and don't think that I came across in that way at any time. I wrote it in the first person context as a generalization of people that I know and work with and some of the things that might be construed by them as a "bad attitude".

    As I have said in previous posts, every person is different. Some are more tolerant, some are more patient, some are easy going and some are easily offended. I am sorry that you construe harmless advice as a sign of arrogance, but I urge you to think about it the next time you are driving and see the red and blue flashing lights behind you. If you don't want to take anything on board that I say, at least take every mother's eternal words of wisdom (I am sure all mother's tell their kids at some stage) and at least try to be polite and friendly to people you meet out on the street.
  15. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    Good to hear mate. I am assuming you threw white globes on your rego plate lights then? ;)
  16. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned


    Yep,i put them back to standard after what you told me the other night .I dont want to create problems before the cop even says hello . Good advice and taken on board,although i really liked the look :D cheers Simon
  17. supercharged1600

    supercharged1600 Datsun Fiend

    yeah but no one has yet gone the next level of interfacing and being able to reference a vehicles Lat and Lng via GPS and LIMIT the vehicles speed, neither have they implemented a shut down ability whilst on the run with the information given from law enforcement.... its the whole big brother thing, but in a good way i feel.
    NB our system originated from the logistics industry where we have 4trailered semi-trailer trucks operating and the GPS also runs the trailers' steering system and load leveling systems. ;)
  18. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    Fog Lights

    Straight out of Victoria Law Today and the relevant legislation:

    From the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1999

    "front fog light" means a light used to improve the illumination of the road in case of fog, snowfall, heavy rain or a dust storm;

    "rear fog light" means a light used on a vehicle to make it more easily visible from the rear in dense fog;

    Division 12 Fog lights
    105. Front fog lights
    (1) A pair of front fog lights may be fitted to a motor vehicle with 4 or more wheels.
    (2) A pair of front fog lights, or a single front fog light, may be fitted to a motor cycle or trike.
    (3) A pair of front fog lights fitted to a motor vehicle with 4 or more wheels must have the centre of each light not over 400 millimetres from the nearer side of the vehicle unless the centres of the lights are at least 600 millimetres apart.
    (4) If the top of the front fog light is higher than the top of any low-beam headlight on the vehicle, the centre of the fog light must not be higher than the centre of the low-beam headlight.
    (5) A front fog light must?
    (a) when on?
    (i) project white or yellow light in front of the vehicle; and
    (ii) be a low-beam light; and
    (b) be able to be operated independently of any headlight; and
    (c) be fitted so the light from it does not reflect off the vehicle into the driver's eyes.
    106. Rear fog lights
    (1) A vehicle may have fitted to its rear?
    (a) a pair of rear fog lights; or
    (b) 1 rear fog light fitted on, or to the right, of the centre of the vehicle.
    (2) Sub-clause (1)(b) applies to a motor cycle with an attached sidecar as if the sidecar were not attached.
    (3) A rear fog light must?
    (a) have its centre?
    (i) not over 1⋅5 metres above ground level; and
    (ii) at least 100 millimetres from the centre of a brake light; and
    (b) when on, project red light behind the vehicle; and
    (c) not use over 27 watts power; and
    (d) be wired to a visible device in the vehicle that tells the driver that the rear fog light is operating.

    Now, I have read over the Road Safety Act, the Road Rules - Victoria, Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations, Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations, and the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations and found only one offence relating to fog light usage:

    Road Rule 217 (1) deals with operating a rear fog light other than as permitted.

    Reading over five acts I could not find any offence relating to the use of front fog lights as long as they are wired independenty to the main head lights and are not aimed higher than the normal low beam lights. The only offences would be relating to using them or not using them in darkness and "hazardous weather conditions". So in my proffessional opinion as both a a Z driver and a cop, there should be no problem using the fog lights.

    The ADRs may have changed in the last few years, but there has been no corresponding change in the laws to reflect it, nor create any offences for fitting or using them.

    Disclaimer: There are about 50 pieces of legislation relating to road rules and I only checked five. There may be an offence in some other act or regulation that I did not check. If you want to check them all, pay a solicitor to look for you!
  19. pexzed

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    Exactly why I chose red illumination for my

    300ZX lettering in the rear centre panel. Those who went blue ar asking for trouble I think, and I posted such in the relevant GB thread.
  20. brooksie

    brooksie New Member

    LOL yeh all the technology is there, just takes someone to put it all together..

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