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    I think some people may have taken what I said in the wrong context. If a cop gets out of the car and calls you mate, then it would be more than fair and safe to assume that you can call him mate back. If they are the old school "sir and ma'am" type of cop, then address them however you think is appropriate. Just be friendly and polite, just like you would be with any other person that you deal with in everyday life.
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    You have put it in an even better way than I have. Thank you.
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    I can't say anything about how the cameras work in WA or QLD.

    In Victoria though:

    1) A camera has a 3 km/h error margin or tolerance. They are set to activate at 4 km/h above the limit and you will get a ticket with with that error margin deducted from your speed on the ticket. That is, they will detect you at 64 in a 60 zone and you will get a ticket with an alleged speed of 61 in a 60 zone.

    2) The operator has no discretion. He is basically there to ensure the camera is set up correctly and to give evidence in court if the ticket is disputed.

    3) Camera cars in Victoria are not required to be marked in any way, neither are fixed intersection speed cameras.

    4) Cameras and camera cars are placed in consultation with the police and VicRoads based on data collected from accident records and other factors. I don't know if there is any Australian Standard or law governing their placement, but seeing as how each state uses different laws and different cameras, I think it is up to each individual State Government to set the guidelines.
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    I'm just wondering if it's illegal to take off quickly at a set of light?

    I might see a road merging ahead so I try to take off as quickly as I can to 80km/h if it's a 80km/h zone so I can merge instead of getting blocked off..

    It's happened to me when trucks just cut me off when I'm in front and about to merge into their lane..
  5. topher

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    i thought you could do 3 km/h over without getting a ticket?
  6. MagicMike

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    Correct - allows for 4kms - so if only doing 63 in a 60, once they take the 4kms out you'd only be doing 59 :)
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    very good, thank you for your input, now i think we see thing at the same eye level.

    cheers alex
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    My opinion on that would be

    If you accelerated safely and did so without breaking traction you would be safe. If you take off acting like a hoon, then you leave yourself open to the consequences.

    However, I had an incident about 12 months ago where a lady driver in a BMW X5 changed lanes with out indicators when she was almost next to me. Her back wheels were in line with my doors. It was pissing down with rain (back when it rained in Brisbane:rolleyes: ). I managed to avoid the collision with thanks to no oncoming traffic and ABS.
    I was however infuriatred. So I did none other than to floor it to catch up and give this driver a piece of my mind. Little did I know that behind me (about 200 metres behind) was a "marked" police car. Naturally enough the back of the Zed was floating and fishing (TT + wet roads you can imagine). So I catch up to the driver, and do the "done thing" (aka exchange expletives and a wave of the fist :p ), then about 10 seconds later I get pulled over.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, I received a warning.

    I was apologetic, and asked if they saw what happened (to which they did), and I did physically apologise to them for letting my anger get the better of me.

    They seemed happy with everything, and simply asked me to consider the road conditions etc etc, and said Have a nice day and drove off.

  10. djozzie

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    In and of itself, it's not illegal to take off quickly and reach the speed limit unless that rapid acceleration could endanger another vehicle, driver, passenger, or pedestrian. That is a subjective test and one open to interpretation like any law - road related or otherwise.

    Breaking traction deliberately is one of the new offences that has been created by the recent legislation changes. It is know as Improper Use of a Motor Vehicle, and is when the driver of a motor vehicle deliberately loses traction of one or more wheels. So technically, this includes motorcyclists doing a mono.

    This is one of the offences that can result in vehicle impoundment. Taking off from the lights at the speed of light and spinning the wheels in the process requires a fairly deliberate act of flooring the right foot - we all know how powerful our cars are and there is no need to floor it at the lights and even risk spinning the rims.

    All these offences are left to the discretion of the police member. Never forget that point though. As I have been saying all along, just because you get pulled over, it does not automatically mean you will get a ticket.

    Now, like anything, it would depend on the situation in which it happened and all the other factors that are taken into account when a driver is intercepted. My suggestion is take it easy and don't risk it - let the truck get in front of you at the lights if need be and overtake them later.
  11. personally u dont care?

    Bull**** u stated in your ORIGINAL thread DONT not just dont but DONT call me mate...Im not your mate!
    Funny after people have had their say u change a little,....but thats human nature...just goes to show I dont think anyone gere really appreciated your thread mate..i know i certainly didnt.
  12. so u use fake power

    Thats real good mate....pull over a zedder getting him all paranoid then askin him where he got his rims...ya turkey!i hope he told you to get stuffed(mind you then u woulda booked his arse!)
  13. XZX007

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    Could this include a bicycle? If you can get booked for speeding on a bike can i get done for doing a mono.....coz i do them all the time!!
  14. djozzie

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    No, it has to be a motor vehicle, so a bicycle doesn't count in that legislation.
  15. djozzie

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    Yeah, I posted that in the first post. I have also stated a number of times here that I wrote the post in first person, but not all of those things bother me personally, but may cause "issues" with other police.

    Thanks for your input.
  16. pexzed

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    I say, keep the thread,

    and ban this user.

    Obviously you hate every police officer that passed through the academy.
    I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that you wrote all that tripe.
    And No, I'm over 30, and I can see the value in the thread.
    You have a lot of anger there dude. Take a breath and chill out;) .

  17. topher

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    mate, your an idiot. your having a bad day and you are going to smash them if they get a bit smart? i got hit a few times and strangled and even though they were doing that shit i didnt even bother to hit back. you will get more then 6 months for hitting a police officer, they can **** your life up. Goes on your record and can hinder your chances of getting jobs later on down the track. Also no need to brag about how your a 130kg ex boxer :rolleyes:
  18. CHILI

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    Your nickname pretty well says it all.
    You're the one who should get the **** off the forum and use your time to develop some manners(look that up in a dickshunairy).:p
    Have you considered therapy, probably not(those ****en Doctors are all on a power trip).:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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  19. red32

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    I agree, Barry. As you probably already know, I work in the Victorian public health system. In my experience, there never seems to be a day go by when some employee or other doesn't speculate on how well the system would run if it weren't for all the sick people (customers/clients) we have to deal with :D . But it is up to we health professionals to make allowances for the fact that our clients are nervous, stressed, distressed and emotional, and when that happens, the system works.
    I think a similar circumstance applies to public contact with the police forces, and vice-versa, ie both party's need to make allowances for the others state-of-mind. . . the citizen is probably pissed at being pulled over, and the police officer is probably wary of the way the citizen is going to react. Cool and calm wins for both party's
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    No prizes for who can guess who got knocked back to be in the police force back in their younger days!!! :D Everything was running hunky dory until you had your say!!!


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