Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Lloyd I agree that they are no longer the police service but have reverted back to the police force. They are there to enforce the law. How a person acts when being pulled over should not be the determining factor in that persons quilt or the magnitude of their offence.

    Mike unis not a bludge. You have no idea how hard it is trying to down as many jugs of beer in the short 4hr breaks we have or the numerous times we spend running around the campus looking for a toilet during tutorials . Its hard work I tell you, takes allot of skills.

    I thought cops weren?t supposed to scan for speeding offences xx metres from posted speed changes. Could be wrong on this, read it in a manual long time ago.

    DJOzzie thanks for the advice. My comments were not directed at you but to those cops that demand we treated like royalties.

    I agree with the safety issue, esp the staying in your car part. Lucky some of the "I get out of the car" guys on here live in Australia, not America. Here you might get a fine, there you might get a bullet in your @ss .

    I know some cops have very little regard for safety. I've personally been told off by a police for not stopping ASAP, in the middle of a major highway, during peak hour with cars flying past at 80ks and above. At the end of the day Id rather park in a safe area and cop a fine than risk being ran over by other idiot drivers.
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    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Hey DJ, we did notice you at the Tech Day but since you seemed to want to keep a low profile on the day we let you be and didn't hassle you. There will be another tech day in March so keep your eye out for it and feel free to come doen and mingle a little more.

    On the subject of not getting out of the car when pulled over, I have always done that and always will. I've never had a problem with it, but maybe I just have a naturally open nature.
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    We were having a bit of a chat about this at the pub on saturday night at it seemed pretty 50/50 regarding the "stay in your car policy".

    A guy got pulled over right outside the pub and proceeded to stop right there, get out of his car and walk back to the cops. This could be taken as a sign of agression and make the cops slighly uneasy....even though I'm sure the guy meant no harm and was just trying to be proactive in coming to a resolution.

    I'm a firm believe that as soon as you see the red and blue lights flashing you indicate, pull over at a safe location (even if it is 200-300m down the road - the indicator lets them know that you are going to). You then turn off your car, have license ready and wait calmly. I've done this everytime and in just about every case I am let off.

    Unless you get a complete A-hole, respect them and I find they respect you straight back.
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    more on roboflop

    i dont think any 1 is directing anything to dj on a personal level at all and nore was i.

    But to come on and say ( if i pull you over this is the way to act, i think that's wrong, in a Cort of law that is somewhat threatening ).

    he is a cop and we all need to respect that ( as a job ) but direction is not the key in this post as i can see.

    when i got a canary this friday i did not argue with the cop because he was cool, even tho he slap a fine on me aswell, but everything he was saying was true so its all good the car will be back on the road soon so there is no problem at all.
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    Much appreciated

    DJozzie. Very sound advise from a man on the other end of most criticism. You've confirmed what i've always preached, show respect and you will usually recieve it in return.

    My old man gave me good advise when i reached 18, he said, "Policemen are just normal people doing their job, but as soon as they put on their uniform they are to be respected because they are serving you. When you take some heat, you're usually in the wrong, if you're not in the wrong take it on the chin anyway. In the end whatever happens can be sorted out later, either way you'll be all more wiser after."

    That advise has got me out of a number of touch and go situations and i'll be teaching my kids the same advise.
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    Seems to me that the people giving dj a hard time here are missing the fact that he is not in fact a copper who has come onto our forum looking to sus stuff out - he is a zed owner who happens to also be a police officer, offering some really helpful advice on how to deal with officers to make these times as easy and pain-free as possible.

    Take the advice on board or do not at your own perril :)

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    Just read the entire thread (instead of meandering over it) and I can't believe I'm the first to ask.....DJ...you want to go on a cruise but I think everyone on here knows that whilst aus300zx organised cruises are quite responsible (from my experience) you still speed at times and do stupid s*** (i.e. the last wa cruise...cringe).

    Whilst you sound like a reasonable guy and I think this thread has been highly informative, I know I'd be nervous to have any "fun" on a cruise with a cop in our midst....even if he does drive a zed. I know there are some other cops on the forum, but this is the first time I have really thought about how they would act on a cruise.

    So my question is, how much would you be willing to put up with and what would you do if someone exceeded that tolerance. I mean, you are lenient up to 25km/h....but cruises can easily exceed that at times.

    I wait with baited breathe :D
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    Remember where you live, you're in a country where life is easy, in general people are good, and the police force can be trusted to do the right thing. If you lived in South Africa (where i come from) where things are actually quite f*cked up, your attitude would be completely different.

    If you do not say, Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir, you'd get the crap beaten out of you, white or black, and thats because life is tough, not easy, and everyone has a chip on their shoulder for whatever reasons. I went back there on holiday a while ago as a late teenager, we came out of a bar and i saw 3 policement quite roughly hitting a black guy and throwing him in the back of a paddywagon, i said something regarding them being racist. The last thing i remember was a black cop walkign towards me saying, shut the F*ck up when you don't know what your talking about, and found myself unconcious with blood all over my face. Turns out the guy who they kicked the crap out of was a notorious drug dealer and deserved it. I didn't deserve my punishment but then again i shouldn't have "presumed" anything let alone dis respectfully yelling something at them.

    Now regardless of what situation you're in, where ever you are you are going to come off better at the end of the day if you respect the people who are in charge. What DJozzie is saying, don't cry murder, don't try and act like a tough guy, don't be a smart arse, because it'll just piss the officer off more, and they WILL take it out on you and i sincerely doubt that you will ever be badly "wronged" in Australia, where, let me remind you, life is easy.

    Its called self preservation, you're a man, take all emotion away, think logically and you will understand. What i am strongly opposed to are these "heroes" or "suburban warriors" as i call them who just can't get through life without needing some sort of fight or other.
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    If what you mean by "stupid shit" is indeed stupid shit like sliding out sideways on public streets or overtaking in the emergency side lane on highways or doing burnouts with people and cars around you, good, you should be worried.

    If it means taking a 'spirited' drive on an open quiet highway, i think you're over reacting, remember we're all Zed fanatics first :p

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    I'm not worried and I'm not reacting to anything man, Just purely interested in what DJozzie's tolerances are.
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    Ahhh okies

    Yeah i'm interest too then :D

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    The Z is off the road for the moment and needs the engine out, so I don't know how long it will be before I can get the cash to fix it.

    As for going on a cruise, I would naturally be interested in it. I am paid to be a cop for 38 hours a week. I wear the uniform for that time and then I go home and take it off. When I am not in uniform, I am never going to act like I am.

    If I went on a cruise through open country on good roads and people decided to open the throttle a bit, then so be it. I am not a preacher nor a road nazi. If I am not working and nobody is endangered by the driving, I really could not care less. Everybody speeds, its a fact. We all like to claim that we are law abiding citizens that only rarely go above the limit, and we like to complain like hell when we get caught, but the fact is that we all do it.

    If I went on a cruise through suburban streets with people around and/or bad weather, and I thought that the driving was unsafe or irresponsible, then I would not say anything openly. I would not be comfortable with it, and would not appreciate it, but if I am not working, it's not my place to be a dick and preach to people. If I am not comfortable and think things are going too far, I walk (or drive) away and try to distance myself from it. I'm not about to take regos down and email all the cops in the state telling them to target this area, but I won't be part of something that I don't think is safe.

    Irrespective of my professional obligations and "enforced" stance on speeding and other driving behaviour, from a personal viewpoint of a person that has lost a friend and a sister to road accidents, and almost my father to another incident, I cannot support driving dangerously.

    At the end of the day, if you want to risk doing "stupid shit", it's your money, your licence, your car and ultimately your own life you are risking.
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    They are? Shit, thats news to me...
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    Fair Enough. You sound like a pretty reasonable guy to me. Now drop a skid.....mate! :D :D
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    All sounds more then fair and reasonable to me :) I for one would not be at all concerned to cruise with dj at all :) (especially if he does his homework and finds out where the speed cameras are on that day? hehe :D)

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    Please remember for starters that a police officer needs absolutely no reason to pull you over. The power is in legislation that any authorised officer (police or vicroads employee) can intercept and stop any vehicle on a road, at any time, for the purposes of enforcing the Road Safety Act or the Road Rules. Most of the cars I pull over are just for random breath testing in fact.

    Police have a discretionary power to issue either a warning, a fine, or a court summons for most driving offences. That means that for almost every reason you get pulled over for, it is 100% up to the police officer as to what he does. That is not any abuse of power, that flexibility saves a lot of people a lot of time and money (and avoids clogging the courts up). If you want to take it as someone telling you the way to act, then that is your prerogative. If you want to take it is some friendly advice from one sports car owner to another, again, that is up to you.

    Nothing I have said is set in concrete and every person is different. It is just a random list of possible things that might make the police member that pulls you over more receptive to simply giving you a PBT and leaving, or just giving you a warning instead of going over your car with a magnifying glass.

    I am more than likely to give someone a warning every time I pull someone over. It saves me time and paperwork and still reinforces the message to the driver in 90% of cases. The only people I give tickets to are the ones that actively piss me off and talk themselves into the ticket.
  17. djozzie

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    Something I should really say is that sometimes, no matter what you do or how you act, you will still get a ticket. Cops are still people, and people have bad days and can get in bad moods. I still think that being able to use discretion and at least having a chance to avoid automatic tickets is a massive bonus and a better system than using robots.

    You can convince a cop not to give you a ticket.

    When is that last time that you got a chance to convice a speed camera or red light camera not to write the ticket out?
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    thanks dj...

    thanks djozzie..:) Your advice is most welcome and is common sense really. There are some people on the forum who take offence to your suggestions which really confuses me, because at the end of the day, the people that usually get a ticket are the ones that are being tools. But hey, each to there own I guess. Hope to see you at a zed event soon..:)

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    Agree with axearmour. The "f$# the police" style comments sound like whining like a little girl/bitch/rebellious teenager. Most of you are not standing up for yourselves, you are just going wah wah wah im a little baby. If you dont like it do something about it or STFU.

    Examples: Topher got done over, and is has actually taken it up with the ccc/ombudsman etc, and posts about it on here = standing up for what is right, not letting bad things go unpunished etc.

    Random forum member coming on a post and abusing (directly & indirectly) another forum member giving out helpful and needed advice because they didnt obey the law, but wont/cant take it any further = whiny bitch. Sorry to say it, but that is exactly how you come accross. You say you hate/dont like cops? Who are you going to call when you need help, when your house has been robbed, your car stolen, been mugged etc?

    If you have been mistreated do something about it. Cop was a dickhead? Report him, but be honest and dont exagerate. Feel that the law you got busted for breaking was a crap one? Do something about it. Lobby your member for parliment to have the crap law changed. If you just sit here wingeing, nothing will happen.

    The idiots who have a problem with authority - grow up. You are not in highschool anymore.
    The police are not a "service", they are a force. They are supposed to enforce the laws of this country, not serve you like a paying customer. Now dont get me wrong, I have had problems with the police in the past, had my shitbox camry yellowstickered for blowing smoke, been taken to court for riding my bike on the footpath!!!! That cop was a dickhead plain and simple.

    Please pay close attention to this next bit: as I said before, cops are here to enforce the law. Put yourself in their shoes. You are dealing with dickheads, mental giants, drunks, druggies, assholes and hard core criminals. How will you react after dealing with shit all day when someone gives you bad attitude?

    Just as a few of you assume all cops to be arrogant pricks, many cops will begin to generalise and will assume suspects to be in the group that I have mentioned above. This is not just human nature, it is for saftey, as when dealing whith criminals you cant give them the benifit of the doubt. eg, person gets pulled over, gets out of car and approaches officer. Why is he approaching? To stab/shoot/assualt officer because he is on the run (like happened earlier in 2006 in wa where cop wound up having to shoot crim), is hiding weapons/stash of drugs in car, has phsycological problems? Or is just trying to be friendly?

    Yes, being polite goes a very long way on both sides. And yes I think there are quite a few assholes on the force, but as earlierr mentioned, many are so due to the way that they are treated/people that they deal with.
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    Forgot to add, thanks to djozzie for actually saying what he said, and putting up with the idiots posts without resorting by flaming back. Remember he was only trying to help fellow members, and got flamed for it. He is actually showing some politeness, why dont you try giving some back, ala jedi-77

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