Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

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    i cant argue with that

    exactly right greg,i had blue leds and they looked great in the no plate but was advised the police will not appreciate it,so i changed them back.I also wanted to get the rear 300zx blue,but im glad i didnt and i think we are going to hear of many dramas with these :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    How's this then. If police officers want us to respect the law, how about they start by setting a good example?

    I was driving to work today. I was sitting on or a little above the speed limit the whole way. What do I see in my mirror? A white car coming toward me, and pretty fast, when he got closer I could see the lights on top (not flashing mind you), sure enough it was a cop. He then proceeded to follow me at what I would call an unsafe distance (I have witnessed a fatal head on collision, and tailgating really shits me, because it was following at a safe distance that potentially saved my life). To have caught up to me that quickly the cop must have been traveling at least 120.

    This is not an isolated incident, I see police speeding and tailgating all the time. When they start obeying the law maybe I will to. If they need to get somewhere quickly and have a valid reason, they have lights and a siren.

    BTW, I agree with djozzie's advice when dealing with police. I am always polite and have never gotten a ticket I didn't deserve, in fact I've gotten out of a few I did.
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    well chili .. it has taken you some time to absorb what

    many of us have known for a long time .... sad, but a fact ...

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    sorry i meant to say that we have started to merge all systems together...
    (djozzie)So i take it then the white only forward facing light is a WA law? :(
    thats like the stupid one about the runner for horse drawn carriges we STILL havent had written out of our road rules here!!!

    I dont care too much about specific road rule differences, but i think they should be standardised australia wide, as with modifications to vehicles, none of this legal in WA but not SA etc...

    Oh my pet hate is people on mobile phones without hands free....

    XTREME ZX ZED Xtremist

    The road rules clearly stipulate that if you are approaching a set of lights and they

    change to amber and you are within 50 whilst doing at least 60 then you are legally not within a safe enough distance to stop without creating a dangerous situation...

    Now this is questionable as to the performance and braking ability of the car and dear i say the quality of the driver...

    All in all if you know the rules and your polite to the officer about it, you will be able to find a compromise and get off with a warning.

    In saying that there are pricks out there and there is nothing you can do to change it.!


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    The concept is not very far away at all. Take a look at what the Amateur Radio Community has been doing for years - just that, vehicle tracking uisng radio and GPS units mounted in vehicles. See the following web site for a live look at American stations being tracked:

    American APRS Live Display

    Or perhaps this "Home Project" being conducted by another American Amateur Radio Operator (A.K.A. Ham Radio Operator in the States) Here:

    Vehicle Tracking Using GPS

    And here is the 'Daddy' of vehicle tracking methods using Amateur Radio the A.P.R.S. system, as seen here on this site (with history):


    With this system you can have full comms between the vehicle and the 'other' user, keyboard, voice, whatever...

    Or, perhaps you want comms between two vehicles anywhere in the world. You could use this system, again from the Amateur Radio community, here:


    Now that is cool, don't you think? I've used many times the EchoLink system from my vehicle to talk to other users on the other side of the world for free. Just need a licence to start...

    Just some things to look into and perhaps wet your appetite for gaining a licence and learning more about the wonderful hobby. Lots of information in those links above so browse at your leasure. Makes you think about the possibilities out there at the moment, as what has been suggested by Sinfiniti (I think) it could be done right now with the correct 'wiring' and such.

    Cheers, Kaz.

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    The end of the world :eek: where humens are going to be products controled by the masters :eek:
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    I can only talk specifically about Victorian laws sorry. That is one of the problems in Australia, the fact that the laws can vary so radically from state to state.

    As for police following or breaking the road laws, there is actually a clause in the Road Rules that specifically states that a police or emergency vehicle may legally break all the road rules if it is reasonable in the circumstances. It also says that they should have flashing lights and/or siren operating if fitted unless it is reasonable for them not to.

    I can tell you from experience that it is often quicker to get to an urgent job by driving without using the lights and sirens than having them on. When the lights are going, an amazing amount of people will shit themselves and slow down to 20 km/h in front of you instead of getting out of the damn way. There are also times when we have to get somewhere quick, but don't want a 100db siren advertising where we are (silent alarms). Crashing traffic lights and intersections, the lights and sirens will almost always be on to maximise our visibility and warn cross traffic that we are coming though.

    Obviously, I can't comment on what the guys behind you were doing or why they were driving that way. The car that comes speeding past you on the way home from work one night might also be the same one waiting at your house when you get there with a burglar on the ground in cuffs.
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    thats exactely what i thought/have been told by driving instructor whilst i was on my l's, is this wrong?
  10. Shifter

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    Maybe it just applies to red light cameras

    Other times could be police discretion...
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    What a can of worms you opened djozzie

    It took a while to skim through most of the posts, 7 pages. I think a lot of what you mentioned in your first post is common sense, but thats just me. What I would like to talk about is the general opinion of police around the world. Now I have had various instances with police (and I'm only 23), not all for things, some were reports I've made (un actioned mind you) and only one for a vehicular incident minor.

    Police are disliked by so many because the public never see the triumphs, also most people can not be helped by the police when they ask for help. Most of the time it's because somewhere along the line people stopped taking responsibility for their own actions and now it's always someone else's fault. As a result the police have become far more limited in their intervention.

    My example. (brief as possible)

    When I was younger a neighbor used to verbally abuse and harass my brother who was 2 years younger than he (bully). Never when I was around to see it (coward). Two years of this and one day he did when I was there, I hit him once that was it. 2 days later I was up for assault, I was lucky I was only 15 and received a warning from an understanding officer. Back in my dads day the exact same situation would have been fine, the officer would say something like I'm glad you got it sorted. However now the neighbor is not a fault for being hit it was my fault for retaliating, it had nothing to do with his actions, and he uses the law against me, where I could not use it.

    This scenario I feel is universal and is why police no longer have the respect from the public they deserve and used to have, it is mostly not their fault. Sadly I have become one of the disbelievers and would not ever rely on an officer to help me.
  12. Shifter

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    I dont blame the police

    I blame the system.

    More power to 'em I say and more numbers.
  13. MAX

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    shifter you don't realise how right you are

    They need to have the right to act without being worried they will be stupidly repremanded.
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    This one's easy. If the light is red and someone then goes over the line the camera takes two photos. The first shows the person just over the line, the second of them in the intersection. Go see the photo is the easiest way. Same thing happened to my partner. She also sweared black and blue it wasn't red, but the proof was in the photo. You can clearly see where her car was and the colour of the light.

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    Hey Ozzie, there are a lot of don'ts in your thread, any suggestions for things that we shoudl do, i mean if i cant call a cop mate, the next one on my list would be sir, what should i call a cop when i get pulled over?, Officer?
  16. vbevan

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    Though for the police, the customer isn't always right. Police are a different part of the public service to say main roads. All emergency services have the right to decide if the customer is right or not, police, fire or ambulance. It's that was for the public safety.

    I saw a movie the other day called the guardian. Coast guard was trying to save a drowning man and woman. The man was drowning the woman in his desperation to get to the chopper. Coast guard punched him fair in the nose and saved the woman. Should this guy have the right to sue? Of course not.
  17. vbevan

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    1.) So if a speed camera clocks you as 82 in an 80 zone (multinova) is that a guaranteed ticket? Or do they have accuracy adjustments too?

    2.) Does the guy sitting in the van have any input into the camera, ie. discarding bad photos etc.?

    3.) Is the camera required to show a sign after stating it is there. Like a "Thatyou for not speeding" placard thing?

    4.) What are the rules governing the placement of multinovas? ie. Australian Standards on hills, rain etc. etc.? Any tips?

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    Keen to hear this also :)
  19. vbevan

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    It's nice they have started this. Are they going to pay for the 95% of cars to have this installed? Cause otherwise, I can promise you that 95% of cars won't have GPS in 5 yrs. The government couldn't get that legislation passed if it started now haha. And manufacturers haven't started putting GPS in all or ever the majority of their cars yet. I'd say your looking at something like 15 to 20 yrs down the track for 95% compliance. Especially as most people won't bother fitting older cars with it.

    I highly doubt we will ever have speed limited vehicles (as in, road dependent ones). At most it will be a annoying chime warning you you are speeding. Or if for some reason it does 'eventually' happen, there will be an override switch. I foresee some natural disaster happening, everyone trying to evacuate and only being able to toddle along at 60 kph LMAO.

    The remote shutdown thing is possible, but is there much point to having it as mandatory? I'm sure anyone who will try to run from the cops will have disabled it most of the time anyhow. The only point for this remote shutdown will therefore be to stop cars being stolen and this technology already exists.

    Apperently in M'sia they are looking at e-licence plates, that can be scanned electronically. Will be interesting to see how that goes.
  20. vbevan

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    If your not sure, just go with "Good morning/evening, how's your day been so far?" Disarm with a question, seems like you care and they might start with a good impression of you as a person and not worry about you the driver so much. Though I'd say tone of voice is most important. Sir is fine as long your not being sarcastic.

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