Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. as far as im concerned

    Bad idea with this thread...call me what you like guys...but Im an honerable man and I stick with my friends.
    I would also like to add that the people who posted against my comments...I am sorry but This is free speech ok? and Im sorry If i dont like cops on the forum...Im sure at leats a FEW people would agree with ,me for various reasons.
  2. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    yep .. there are a few "honerable" "leats" out there ..

    .. perhaps it is less to do with free speech .. and perhaps something to do with common sense ..??? .. and even less to do with 4-5 posts which amounted to whaccy baccy rather than a contribution to the thread ..???:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  3. bit slanderous and naive ther mate

    Dont smoke pot at all.
    It causes me to go into fits of depression and viloence and paranoia.
    I do howver drink excessivley
    That might be why a split pesonality aquires me at times.
    I wouldve put my comments down to that (not waccy baccy)
    waccy baccy might just do the trick though...meeeloowwwww,meeloowwww.
  4. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    So you don't smoke pot?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
    How the Hell do you know that it plunges you into depression, violence and paranoia if you don't use it?:confused::confused::confused:
    Or are you asking us to believe that you are in touch with your inner self?
    You my friend, should have been around 50 years ago(you could have had a VW Microbus covered in "Ban the bomb" signs, and flowers). You were born much too late, New Wave hippies just don't "cut the mustard" anymore(but I'm sure your Therapist would have already alerted you to that fact).

    Black Baz's response was somewhat infantile, but HIS Therapist will deal with that at his next session.:p:p

  5. IBBI

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    First of all uncertainaardvark should be banned.....his first post and PM to me was just stupid and childish and it seems he has nothing worthwhile to say......you say you have friends but no one here i see sees you as a friend....maybe a total nut but not a friend.......i didnt like you when i first read your post and every post after that has led me to conclude that your a jerk....
  6. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    Great stuff djozzie.......lol you made me read this post for like 2 hrs.....

    anyways i couldnt believe your advice of saying "mate" was trailed on for so long. But i do believe you were meaning if some one was saying it in a smartass way......

    Firstly there are good cops and bad ones....when i was arrested a month ago for running away from cops i saw that their was some senior mature nice officers and some young rude ones..... the story....
    I went through a red light like 2-3 seconds after if went red on my way from work at like 10pm with my cozin and his mate in the back as they were walking from the movies home and i offered them the lift as it would of took them like 4 hrs getting home....... Anyways i went though and cops heading in opposite direction chuck u-turn and i floor the car to escape. I speed away for like 2 kms and then chuck a left in a previous industrial estate, where i take my headlights off and speed. Cops still after me and i go for less then a km and stop. Cops come out of their car and my cousin says "hello sir, i mean madam" as he sees its a chick and she tells him to shut up and has gun pointed at us.( now i think of what my cozin said its seems a lil funny:) )
    Firstly this is my first ever encounter with a cop in my whole 1 yr of driving. The things i did that night(escapeing) was really silly and only so that i could have a clean record as i previously did and not get a fine, that day has teached me a really valuable lesson. First that what i did later was very dangerous, as that industrail estate was a residensual new estate which i didnt know. Anyways i got fined $179 for no p-plates, $308 for going though red light and i have to go to court for exceeding limit by 45km/h and manner driving dangerous. In the report the officer has written that i was driving(with headlights off) and all together i was highly dangerous and that the there was a high chance of loss of life.

    Ive got a laywer and have paid the the first two fines. I never put p-plates on as i tried to aviod the cops as much as i could. I will plead guilty of charges and even though i was highly stressed and i paniced which may have lead to the running away decisions i probably wont say taht to the judge as that may make it look like im making an excuse. All i want to do is make sure the judge looks at me that im genuinly sorry and regret it.
    Is there anything else i should do djozzie and what do you think i will cop. Will i go back to my Lz or Pz when my suspension of licience is finished

    Anyways wen i was arrested i was in shock of the situation myself as ive never been in anything like this, even small stuff.....i wanted to know what was going to happen but as the friday night crew all showed up later i saw that some cops where real asses "whos in the shits now.....hahahaa..."(all cops laugh) i was thinking of it being a real serious issue while they were laughing away....but a senior cop explained and answered all my questions and i asked them what i can do now and they said nothing but get legal advice...

    anyways extremely stupid and i regret it 100% and it was no way a joy ride and wasnt in the first place......i had nightmares that night of the incident and woke up saying it was a dream but then it wasnt......i can say now that is my worse night ever.....

    Okay now a few things i want to ask.....

    Firstly cops seem to abuse the law more than us normal plpz.....you see them speed on normal runs and tailgate like nothing.......but yet they expect everyone esle to run at like 50km/h. What i dont get djozzie which you may shedlight on is why is having a fmic, bov or a podfilter a defect or an exhaust while like harleys or trucks are louder and are not defected......what causes something to be a defect.....

    Latly i want to do something about all these tougher laws for us motorist.....these new things are supposed to save lives but i believe its just a shortcut to the problem which still doesnt solve it....ie.. p-plater accidents have been "solved" by banning high performance cars, but whats that going to do as i can still go fast in a commodore, its the revenue game and the real solution is education and actual improving drivers skills and allowing for opportunity to have"some fun". For a young driver who wants to go fast they will have their fun on a available local raceway or autobarn than on a 50km/h zone. Btw i was told that our accident rates are as low as they have ever been and that poor roads are one major factor to accidents....

    For all those complaining about the speed cameras getting them, yes some are incorrect......in the local newspaper there was one near gosford that made like 3 mill a year and was said to note down drivers with speeds less than 10km/h the actual speed limit. So yes they are played around with sometimes......

    Also i heard neon(underbody) were not illegal and its bulb is not seen directly and its only the reflection. Also in nsw law non-standard lights that project light are illegal, but neons emit light not project. so are they legal.......without wat i told you djozzie would you pull someone over with neons on?

    Now there has to be a way that we can fix all these problems and silly law up....instead of keep on decreaseing the speed limit and restriction and defects and come to more common sense solution to be empowered that even me and you can think of......how can we do this as the ones in power are just going to make it worse......not that its already worse driving around at very slow speed(makes sense going 40km near school but like 50 on a main road etc or 110 on freeway is pretty slow...) Also plp a few months older than me can drive a tt while i have to wait 3 years to get off pz and then i can drive a high performace car....

    anyways i think ive made this a little long......sorry if i said anything wrong.....

  7. blackheartedprofit

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    shit!! what were you on that night? must have been good stuff, mate you got done for no P plates, running a red light, speeding, driving with your lights off, probably failing to stop, driving in a manner dangerous and you want the laws changed?? muahahaha, the laws are made for exactly this kind of thing, you'll be lucky to be driving within 5 years, " if you're gonna do shit, don't get caught"
  8. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    And don't complain when you do.
  9. DonoRyan

    DonoRyan Rick James

    Oh lordie, help me please!

    What were you thinking mate?!?!?

    What a story! When you get your license back in 10 years you'll look back and laugh!

    I'd just add, Cops flash their lights to go through red lights, speed, tailgate, and any other things you can think of. This isn't a defence for similar behavior.

    Good luck getting back on the road asap.
  10. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    yes it is very stupid which is why i just said before that i lost my licience and not the full details......My heart was beating at 200mph when i went through the light and after that like 500mph....I dont make the wisest decision in stressful situations, so being off the road might be good than.....Please dont rub it in on how stupid this is, i know already and im facing court like in 2 week......pray for me guys...

    and yes its silly actions like this which ruins it for everybody....sorry deeply again...
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2007
  11. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    Sorry, im just complaining in general and not my actual situation. I deserve to be off the road for a long time and maybe its a good thing that can make me a more cautious driver later.......actualy when ever i think of this i dont want to drive at all now.....

    btw sorry if i was complaining.....my fault 100% and cops were doing their job.
  12. roi

    roi wallet inspector

    If i can't call an officer 'mate' can i call him champoroonie?
  13. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    My comment was not directed at you, it was a general comment that people seem to arc up at the police when they get caught doing something illegal. If you know something is wrong, you do it and get caught, then don't blame the police. Look in a mirror. Police don't make laws, theie job is simply to enforce them (whether they agree with them or not).

    I applaud you being man enough to stand up and say "I effed up". Not enough people in this world do that anymore. After all, to err is human. How you deal with it will show the world what kind of person you are.
  14. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    Thanks Bigcool, u make me feel a lil better...i was expecting alot of crap from plpz as this stuff effects all of you....i just hope this is a warning to zedders out their.......why take the risk of even small stuff like not putting your p-plates($179) or running a light ($308). I used to take it very light heartedly "ahh cant be bothered putting p-plated on and off as mum needs them off and i need them on, plus it attracts cop attension" but when ur slapped with $179, man there is no point i can use that money on many things....
  15. AussiePhoto

    AussiePhoto New Member

    Humour Works...

    I'm a professional truck driver and have been for years. In the 10 years or so I have been driving trucks I have been pulled over by many cops and scaleys and have only ever had trouble with one of them. He was just having a bad day. Perhaps his wife never put out the night before, or perhaps she was really ugly and she did. He never ended up fining me because I didn't do anything wrong.

    I've been pulled over by scaleys for having a headlight out and one time for having a perlin sticking out of the back of the truck. It slipped from within the load and was almost falling off the back. He called me on the cb and told me before it fell. I was really thankful as it could have killed someone. He even stopped and helped me get it back on the truck. He never fined me either. Another time one pulled me over for a spot check and saw my camera gear in the truck and we ended up talking photography for 15 minutes. He advised me on a few loose tools and where I could safely stow them and he never fined me either.

    Attitude is the secret here as our good copper "mate" has just explained. Normally the first thing a cop will say to you is something like "How are you today sir?" My stock reply gets them onside right away. I say with a smile.... "Can I tell you in five minutes?" It lets them know right away that I'm not going to be an agressive prick to them and lightens the moment a little.

    As for you djozzie, I take my hat off to you mate. All the crap you buggers deal with is more than anyone should have to. Meth addicts that want to fight the world and that are like a gun with a hair trigger, domestic disputes where you attend to calm things down and end up being the meat in a sandwhich, and seeing young broken bodies in car smashes. Not for me mate.
    Thanks for the advise.
  16. geoffviper

    geoffviper New Member

    well done

    Now as l quoted before
    They have a bad job, but love it
    They come ( as soon as possible given circumstances ) when ya need them
    They some times give you a fine, but hey didnt you do it in the first place
    They sometimes make mistakes, but not a lot
    and a few drive Zeds soooooooo they cant be all that bad

    as for the " l hate cops fool "

    geeeeze grow up

    l'll cruise with ya dj :D even though l'm a prison officer :D Wait does that mean he hates me too :D

    ok guys l think we've covered it

  17. 2TurbosTwiceFun

    2TurbosTwiceFun Temporary Aussie

    My 2 cents...

    Deny Deny Deny... Don't admit you've done anything wrong if you know you haven't done anything... Of course "what you've done" can be left in the hands of the courts AFTER you've entered a plea and AFTER you've seen the video...

    Some cases are more clean cut than others so, this is always at the driver's discretion...

    My lawyer informed me that once you've been pulled over, you HAVE TO answer your name, your address... anything else can be incriminating evidence... Am I wrong here mate (djozzie)??

    For example: if you're on the way to the city from Crowes Nest for a night out on the town and a cop follows you for a kilometer (and you're driving at the speed limit) then decides he'd like to pull you over for a *cough* RBT... and you're not doing anything wrong, then you can have a convo... but keep it brief, as you don't want to keep 20yr old blondes wearing tight short skirts with an ass that won't quit waiting... umm, yep that's all.

  18. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    Yes, you must produce your licence and state your name and address when requested if you get pulled over.

    If you don't have your licence on you, the member can request you to produce your licence at a nominated police station within 7 days for inspection.

    Failing to do any of those things can lead to a ticket or court appearance.

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