Your 1/4 Mile Times and what Mods?

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by GOTTAGO, Aug 11, 2009.


    GOTTAGO New Member

    Hey everyone

    Did some more Drag racing last weekend here in Alice Springs
    I ran a 12.330@114mph on street tyres,:eek: I'm bloody rapped with that.
    Just would like to know what times other people have run on street tyres
    and what mods you have so I can Estermate how much power I have,
    we only got one Dyno here and it's not accurret at all, oh and mine is a 2+2
    manual as well

    Cheers Jordan :zlove:
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  2. ugame

    ugame user #1

    i hate you :p

    GOTTAGO New Member

    why's that?

    URHYNS Well-Known Member

    I think he means, "wow man, great time, excellent effort. I wish i could pull a time like that!!!"

    No worries, UGAME... ;)

  5. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    a superb time, kind of hard to get any sort of estimates without a mod list though. post up the specs and that will complete the picture.

    GOTTAGO New Member

    car was stock when I bought it, spec areas follows

    Full UAS duel 3inch Exhaust from turbos back, UAS Dumps
    Twin bodfilters
    Huge FMIC
    Tein HR coilovers
    X-stream Cusion button clutch with custom 1450kg P-plate
    HDI E-Boost controler set at 1bar
    my car also has 200 000ks on the clock and 17/8 front 245s and 17/9 rear with 275s and they dont scrub at all,
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  7. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    60ft time? post up the slip details if you can.

    Regardless it's probably between 230-250rwkw, with a good launch it should see a low 12 like you've done. Excellent work though, you've just edged out JT's time who has similar mods but a much better diff and I'm not sure what tyres he ran to get 12.35.
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    GOTTAGO New Member

    I think it was a 1.900 if I recall, gona put a fuel reg on and up the boost to 16-17, air-fuel ratio is very good and i gona try some semi slick on the 16inch rims M/T 255/60/16 ones should get a 1.500 60ft time then
  9. 300zxt

    300zxt Well-Known Member

    Ooo poor mans fuel mod. lol

    Nice run though!
  10. ugame

    ugame user #1

    correctamundooooooo :thumbup:

    GOTTAGO New Member

    just want to push it to the limit, and be safe.
    I dont like pinging so this will help and octane booster aswell.
    Im preety I can run a 11.999 with a better lanch
    Not many can claim that with old ass factory engine and turbos with 200 000ks on them
  12. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member


    GOTTAGO New Member

    Damn, I know mine will run 11s on M/Ts right now, but I want to get there on streets first. So I see at the next drags in a week^^
  14. ugame

    ugame user #1

    mate this thread is inspirational to be honest. :thumbup:

    Im only after mid 12's

    Best get my hands dirty some more.

    GOTTAGO New Member

    Thanks ugame

    I must be honest, when I went out there I was only hopeing for a high 12,
    I had down a 13.019 (so close) two weeks early with the boost still on stock (9psi I think) I have down all the mods on this car myself with the help of a hoist and amate that has his own work shop, these car are a prick to work on and iv'e had plenty of fits on it, like the clutch !@#$ and getting the old dumps off of !@#$%#@!#@ ahhhh and the boost controller #@!%$#@ but now im getting Damn good att working onthese car now, if you can work on a 300zx TT you can work on anycar!!

    So when I ran a 12.3 I was rapped, I did 8 runs that day and all were 12s runs with 2 more 12.4s aswell, and people say 300zx are slow ^^:zlove:

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Thats great mate.. as ugame said, inspirational... makes me want to get into another zed:zlove:....just to find the right one:cool:
  17. ross

    ross Member

    Glad that exhaust worked out,:D
    P.S. Mine stock zero mods 183rwkw on street tyres 1.8, 60footer , 13,56 1/4 time.

  18. ugame

    ugame user #1

    also the fact that yours is 2+2 gives me hope :D

    Have you done any weight saving stuff?
    or pretty much stock, inc all interior seats etc
  19. Zxryan

    Zxryan New Member

    haha mines a N/A with a few mods and it only just got beat by a toyota soarer, but just i mean the my nose didn't go past his car backwards.
    i think it was some thing like 15.23ish. but i think we could do a bit better with a better track, being a small privatley owned road, it wasn't to top as you can imagine.
    mines a 2+2 manual.aus spec naturaly

    GOTTAGO New Member

    No stripping down, The way I drive on the street with it is the same way I race it.
    I dont even get into 4th gear, Long gears me thinks is why these cars will do 300ks with the power

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