The Mission Starts - Engine Rebuild

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by 90TTZ, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Upon finding a couple of cylinders really low in compression recently like 90 PSI, I dug the spare short motor out of the corner of the shed as it was buried in other Zed stuff. I have begun stripping it down for it has a date with the machine shop for prep work to house its new internals.



    The bore and crank are surprisingly in excellent condition so I am hopeful the rebuilder will confirm once he throws a mic over them. The pan had never been removed confirming no previous tampering had been done.

    I just hope the engine in situ lasts a while longer until it is ready for transplant. Yesterday it has started to sound like a very worked V8!:eek:
  2. tom@pzp


    Ah the joy's of rebuilding the VG... Hope you're other motor holds up while you pour your hard earnt dollars into this motor.

    What are your plans karl? Do you have a shopping list?
  3. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    TBA ;)
  4. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Stop, flapping

    your gums and get busy, only 22 weeks till Cowra, and i want to see it there.:eek: :D :zlove:
  5. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Don't you worry about that Wiz, she'll be breathing fire again before the year is out!
  6. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Pull yr finger out Karl or Ron'll take out all the ZedFest trophies :eek:;):zlove:
  7. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    oh.. Now I really have a reason to try and get up there :biggrin:
  8. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    I know

    I won't repeat the four trophy haul from Coona
    the bling has taken a back seat since then.:eek:
  9. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    I was going to be casual with this build but today the idle seemed even lumpier. After doing a load test with Datascan and number 2 not making much of a difference when turned off, I threw the compression gauge on it and got a whole 40PSI!:eek: Now when the motor is turned off you can hear the pressure venting from the sump.

    So instead of motor out in a months time has turned into next week:zlove:
  10. rollin

    rollin First 9

    the smell of rebuilds is in the air , good luck with yours mate, although i doubt it will be too much trouble for you.
  11. SIM300


    Nice one Karl, that will keep you busy.

    We'll have to catch up for a chat again soon, has been a while.
  12. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    lol .. looking forward to a cowra BLAST OFF ...!!!

    .. my two favourite zeds .. nose to nose, revving the holy, valve bouncning mother out of each other .. go WIZ, go KARL ..!! .. love it ..!!!!

    WOKBURNER Bringer of fun and mayhem

    Ouch Carl not sounding too good mate!

    There sounds like something has given way. Maybe part of a piston, gasket or something else. Sorry to hear, atleast you have the spare. I dont even have a Zed atm and thats no fun, even had to endure watching one go up the hillclimb I was entered in on the weekend.

  14. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Started the task by taking a last cruise on 5 cylinders to make the oils nice and hot for draining *wipes tear*

    At 3:00pm, dropped the engine and transmission oils. Removed the front bar and fenders, bonnet, radiator and EFI harness. Once the transmission and zorst has been unbolted it is ready to come out. Before any one gets too excited, the removal of the gaurds and bonnet is not required to pull the engine. I did so for other work I am doing and also makes leaning over the front a little easier.


    Really got to get my digi camera back from the repair shop, camera phones are so lame :bash:
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  15. rollin

    rollin First 9

    looks awesome, even half stripped
  16. SIM300


    At least you've done this stage before and know what to expect...

    I know you don't do things half-arsed. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm planning on converting to manual myself at some stage (as well as a few other things).
  17. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    I reckon Jono, talk about a severe case of deja vous!!!

    I put a couple more hours in tonight and unbolted all the ancillaries, removed the auto tranny cooler, removed zorst and 1 piece tail shaft. Holidays just didn't come at a better time :D

    Also did a couple of other unrelated jobs like re-aligning doors and making a custom vacuum tank for the clutch master booster out of the old AIV header tank.
  18. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Plans came early bro..

    Well, looks like you're well and truley into it now mate. Knowing you, she'll be a very thorough and bullet-proof engine when you get it back together.

    I don't suppose this would be a PERFECT time for the 5spd conversion ey bro? ;) :p
  19. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    What do you reckon mate :biggrin:
  20. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Engine is out!! Had another late start today. Got into it about 14:00 and removed the dumps (bloody aweful job) tranny and finally the sick engine.


    What's funny though is this shot was taken in May last year!


    Wow haven't the wheels grown :D

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