Z32 I’m considering a 300ZX and need your help

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Kurt, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Hi, I’m considering buying my first car next year and I’m really interested in the 300Zx and have been for years. I’ve done tons of research and come to the conclusion that if you care for the car, the car will care for you. At the moment, I only make about $100-200 a week but I have enough saved to buy a 300Zx. In 2021 I’ll be starting my apprenticeship so I’ll be making considerably more (roughly $500 a week). My dad isn’t a mechanic but he knows a fair bit about cars and how to repair them so we could probably work through issues that aren’t insanely difficult. What I’m asking, within my budget and future outlook, is do you reckon I’d be able to run a 300Zx if I purchase a well kept one? Cheers, Kurt
  2. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    These cars are now between 25 - 30yrs old. They are a great car but need a lot of tender love and care. If you ever are thinking about getting married, having children or buying a home of your own, then the answer to your initial question is no. These cars consume your whole life and all of your income.

    Anyway good luck and if you do buy one you will love it.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the response mate. I’m still in my teens so what you mentioned should be another 10 years away. Do you reckon I could keep her running within my budget?
  4. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    One thing to take into consideration is your buying budget.
    Are you going to have enough $$ to buy a car that has been maintained well and those 25 year old items that fail, wear out, crack and corrode already replaced?
    Unfortunately, if not it will probably be a money pit.
    But if so, you could potentially buy one and have some reasonably trouble free motoring, as long as preventative maintenance is done.
    Will it be a daily driver? If so more maintenance required.
    Will it be a TT or NA? Think about insurance costs.

  5. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Probably not the best idea with your current income unless you have a substantial amount saved with which to purchase the car. A Z that requires substantial servicing or repairs will very quickly result in a bill in the thousands of $$...
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  6. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    Problem is, everything on this car is difficult compared to a regular car and you need 2 of everything (manifolds, turbos, actuators, cats, mufflers etc)

    Forget maintenance for now because when something does break, it's never cheap to fix. The first thing to consider with your current income would be fuel costs. These cars are pretty damn thirsty, I don't know how far you commute to work but assume you drive 500KMs per week, that'd be at least a tank depending on how well the car is running. Most of the badly maintained ones would be lucky to get 350kms a tank. Big fuel tanks too and all the Jap imports will all need to run 98. On a good day that's well over $80 for a tank.

    Half of your weekly wage going towards fuel on a potentially unreliable car that is expensive to insure just sounds like the wrong decision but if you're adventurous, it's your life and don't let us tell you how to live.

    Just a bit of personal experience, 300ZX was my first sports car and really set me back financially. I still have it, still in decent condition, lots of fond memories but I wasted so much time & money and I can't help but think I should have just bought a S13 like everyone else.
  7. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Hey, cheers for the response. I have about $10k to spend and I’m only considering clean Aus delivered NA’s. I aim to keep up on preventative maintenance. Like when I had my mountain bike I was meticulous on making sure everything was working properly. The car will be a daily driver, and me and my dad will do all the work that doesn’t require a Z mechanic. Will a clean NA really be that big of a hassle if not abused?
  8. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Yeah, you’re right. Repairs can easily rack up thousands so I’m hoping me ordering parts myself and doing the work myself will significantly reduce that.
  9. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the response mate, im only looking at clean Aus NA’s. I’m hoping fuel won’t be a problem considering the car I buy was well looked after and doesn’t have two turbos. I know my budget might be a bit tight, but I’m hoping I could get through it until I start my apprenticeship.
  10. NI85

    NI85 Active Member

    My 2+0 NA (import) uses around 14ltrs per 100km

    What ever car you get. Have it weighed, as cars that are actually under 1500kg have cheaper rego.
    As my rego paper originally had it listed at 1550kg, but the car technically weighed 1460kg.
  11. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Using a 300zx as a DD is insane (IMHO) ......

    Zeds are an expensive vehicle to maintain ($/km) so using up your high priced mileage just driving to work and back doesn't make a lot of sense

    If you are intent on getting a zed (as a lot of us have been), buy yourself a cheap runabout for commuting and keep your zed for enjoying weekends and holidays :cool:

    The bottom line is that if you can't afford to also own a cheap Daily Driver, you almost certainly can't afford to own a zed
  12. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for your reply. So you believe even a clean NA car with proper maintenance completed will not be able to be a daily driven? I’d like to get one of these cars now because I’m worried they will be expensive in the future with little parts available.
  13. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    I think you'll land a fairly solid na for 10k, and possibly not have to unload thousands in parts/maintenance, if you buy wisely. I've watched the reactions of mates with no zed experience, when they see the engine compartment for the first time, it goes something like... your fkn kidding, or, what tfuk is that.. when its just an engine, tightly packed in no doubt, complex also, and daunting yes at first.. but an engine nonetheless . The point is if your keen to solve issues that could arise you'll be able to do it, the manual has everything covered, people here are be willing to give advice if you ask for it, and sometimes if you dont. As a daily driver, why not, if its road worthy and running well, assuming you would brought it up to standard by then, and you dont have a led foot, I can't see any reason why you'd not drive on a daily basis. You no I see an fj ute just about every day on the local hwy, the ting is absolutely immaculate, this guy is enjoying the experience.
  14. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the response, this is exactly what I was thinking. If I choose my car wisely, follow the service manual and do repairs as soon as they come up, the car should be just as reliable as anything else on the road. Of course I will also do all maintenance on time. Parts may be at a bit of a premium but I’m sure it’s not terrible. The engine may be tight but it’s not impossible. Cheers
  15. SRB-2NV


    I daily drove my NA for 5 years without too many issues, only real expense was 200k service, a blocked radiator, a clutch and tyres.

    Realistically, in your position, with your income and savings, id buy a small hatch for 2k and save the rest till you get off your P plates. Then either buy a decent car or even better save towards a house.
  16. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    But who wants to be realistic when you can be young and dumb? Sure, I could always get a 300Zx later but who knows if I ever will. This could be my only opportunity to get one in my life, or where I actually want to.
  17. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    I'm going to vote yes go for it. For sure they can be expensive to maintain & run but so can anything that's 30 years old.

    I daily drove my Aus-spec for years to uni & work with no real issues, think the biggest problem I had was a clutch slave cylinder. Buy a good clean example, do your maintenance & cross your fingers!
    Rob260 here recently shared on his "rgs performance" facebook account that he'd just serviced a nice series 2 Aus-spec example that might be for sale soon, might be worth sending an enquiry?

    My only question with this is you mention starting your apprenticeship soon, will you need to transport tools?
  18. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I reckon if I choose wisely and take care of her it'll be manageable. I'll look into the rgs performance pages, cheers for that, however it'll still probably be until next year when I purchase one. For my apprenticeship, I guess I'll slowly have to buy tools but I'll mainly be using the tools of the guy that I'm paired with, and we'd be driving around in work vehicles anyway. If I had to bring a couple tools to work I'm sure I could chuck a small tool kit in the back of the Z. Cheers!
  19. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    It seems like you have made up your mind :)
    Just do your homework and hold out for the best example you can find in your budget.
    Good luck
  20. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    Mind does seem to be made haha, go for it, just get whatever your looking at inspected by a zed guru if possible & enjoy yourself.
    If your using a work car anyway then that's a bonus too.

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