Z32 I’m considering a 300ZX and need your help

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Kurt, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. ugame

    ugame user #1

    See if you can budget for the Zed AND a cheap daily drive (a POS Hyundai Excel for example...been there, done that)
    Trust me, having your pride and joy be something that doesn't "need" to be running every Monday morning, takes the headaches away, and allows you to take time and save for anything that crops up.
  2. Josh Seignior

    Josh Seignior New Member

    I'm 18 years old (19 in a few days) and I've had a 2+0 NA as a daily driver for the last 10 months (was my first car). From experience, 300zx's can be very reliable, however preventative maintenance is a must, with 'normal' maintenance being a given with a car like this. The key with a z32 is to wait for the right car. Do that and you (should) be rewarded with a car that will be as reliable as you maintain it. Too many people jump straight into the first car they look at, only to be plagued with problems later on.
    However, I am currently looking to buy a tt to put on club reg and have as a weekender/peojecy (will be selling my NA) as I have come to realise that they just aren't that great of a daily driver. I love my NA to bits, however with every km put on it, every component just gets more and more worn, and while we all try our best to cover our asses by replacing most things, shit happens and stuff can sneak up on you. It's much easier to deal with a broken car in the shed when you have another to drive every day.
    In saying that, I have learnt so much from owning this car, much more than any of my friends with more modern first cars.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thank you, I guess it really depends on what you wanna go for; reliability or fun. After thinking about it for a while I’m probably going to buy something more economical until I’m in a good place to buy a Z.
  4. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    Looking for a good 1st car? I bought a run about vw jetta 2006 ,147kw GTI motor with dsg. i picked it up for $4000 with 180,000ks ive had it over 2 years its great, goes well uses little fuel, has a great stereo with 10 speakers it's quiet and comfortable, has a huge boot for picking up ZX parts. I could jump in it go down to the shops to get some milk and be back before the 300zx was even warmed up. its a better car than most new small cars. Best money i ever spent on a car. When it dies ill probably buy another one.
  5. ugame

    ugame user #1

    I have a 07 Honda Civic as a daily.

    Boring POS but it's sooooo cheap on fuel and just keeps on going despite me neglecting to service it.

    has a 1.8 motor with a timing chain. So many small cars have timing belts making older ones a real gamble to buy.

    Some days I swear I'll get rid of it as it really doesn't excite me in the slightest, but bugger me it's a "sensible" car from an economics stand point.
  6. ugame

    ugame user #1

    Actually, sorry but to add to my Civic suggestion above.......

    When I first looked into 300ZX ownership I came to the same conclusion as yourself.

    I instead opted for a 180SX, and my god that goes up as one of the best cars I've owned.

    Much easier to maintain than the Z and imho has the looks still. + Pop up headlights :D

    Get one with an SR20 (which has a timing chain and is just better than the CA18 (which I had)) and you're laughing.

    Or it's very well respected cousin, the S15?????
  7. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I used to be obssesed with the 180sx and I wouldn’t mind an s14 200sx but prices are just too high at the moment and will continue that way. Plus I’d have to apply for a turbo attentions which is a bit of a pain in the ass. I’m thinking about getting a VN-VS Commodore or a 2000s economy car. Cheers
  8. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    VN-VS. a bit thirsty, a bit slow, a lot yucky
    and every cop will suspect you of being on ice.

    You might find it hard to get a well looked after commodore at that vintage.

    If I was you I would type $3000 or whatever you limit is into car sales and then see what pops up. I’d go and look at a few of the cars that seemed in the best condition. Drive them and make up your own mind.
  9. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    I know pretty much everything about VN-VS series mate. Extensive research, and my family used to own a VP which gives me a pretty good understanding. Not trying to sound cocky but I know a lot of shit about them. They’re starting to appreciate now which is my main interest. To us younger generation, they’ve moved away from being an old shitbox to a retro classic car. Not so much with the VR and VS, but most of the shit VN and VPs have all died out now that it seems only the good ones remain. I’m thinking maybe even VB-VL or an XD-XF Falcon. When I finally get my car I’ll let you all know.
  10. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    Commos with the Buick 3.8 are actually very easy to look after workhorses. Pretty sensible choice.

    I'll second ugame on the S chassis suggestion when you're ready to go turbo. S14s are over priced right now but rough fixxer uppers are still out there. It's a great starting platform, you can learn just as much but so much easier to work on. They also respond to mods surprisingley well. The understeer is easily dialled out with some camber and teaches you the most fundamentals of driving. Add a proper clutch pack LSD and it's grip or dorifto time depending on what you fancy.

    I drive my drift pig S13 maybe 3 times a week and the clean Z32 probably comes out only a handful of times a year, weird how that works.
  11. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the info. Shame the S-chassis is overpriced now. I know you can get cheap projects but I want a decent running car. The old commos are easy to work on and parts are cheap and plentiful.
  12. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    Now you're talking about really good cars,
    I can understand wanting a vk v8, vl turbo or v8 and XD, XE 351 top loader, nine inch diff, but none of these are cheap to buy or cheap to run. You will get most of your money back though if you sell them.
    Brock commodore - 90 in first, 165 in second. The raciest holden ever.
    Any Ford with a worked 351C , top loader , nine inch locker. Burnouts with 5 passengers and two cases of beer for 10 years without a single mechanical issue. The strongest package ever
  13. Jaidyn

    Jaidyn New Member

    I reckon you should buy a cheap, slightly run down 300zx, that you and your dad can slowly fix up over a couple years provided you have the room to accommodate. This is great if you have the patience, that way you actually have your hands on a z and you can fix/mod her to suit your tastes. Also you and your dad get to wrench on it together and learn as you go. It’s sounds easier said then done but it’s a defiantly an option to consider, that way you know that all the work is done and you get to make it look how you want, you will thank yourself when it’s finally done
  14. ugame

    ugame user #1

    I dont understand what you mean by "finally done".

    Or by use of the word "done" at all ;) :D
  15. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    I’ve definitely thought about it but unfortunately we don’t have the space to restore a car. It’s a great idea though.
  16. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    I think he was referring to the father and son being “finally done”
  17. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    I wouldn't stay away because of low income personally, yes there are some basket case zeds that just burn your pockets out. But really, buy smart and maintain it as you would any other car and youll be fine.

    We over 10 years ago not bought a NA slicktop auto. Would chew 10L/100 every day of the week and in all the years the main things we looked at for minimal maintenance were hoses and electrical plugs. Albeit this was in an era when allot of zeds were starting to really need these basics in maintenance. So every man and his dog were doing it.

    Fast forward some years this same car took on a big change, manual conversion, suspension, respray etc etc. But one thing weve still never needed to get into was the engine. Shes had a timing belt and water pump for maintenance reasons but that's all standard stuff. To this day the poor old girl sits around rarely being turned over. And connect a battery and kick it in the guts and it idles and drives just as good as it ever did. And still with a series 1 PTU.

    10K will source you something pretty nice. Aim for a well maintained zed and keep in mind that if you want to start modding it, youll sink cash. If you crash it, youll sink money. If you want to flog it to death and not have some mechanical sympathy, youll sink money.

    Biggest benefit to you in this current situation is the wealth of knowledge and how to's that will benefit you in saving cash. Sending it to a shop for repairs, maintenance etc will blow money. More you do yourself, the better your pocket.

    Bid you good luck with your search
  18. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Thanks for the informative response mate. Very useful to think about it. Cheers
  19. Central QLD Z

    Central QLD Z Member

    What's the go with the Apprenticeship? Has it been set aside for you or something for when you're ready in another 2yrs? :confused:

    A first car needs to be reliable, preferably as safe as possible and as cheap/easy to maintain/insure as possible. You cant be getting your finances bogged down at this early stage of your working life lest it continue to impact you years, and years after. The Z just isnt those things I mentioned above, unfortunately.

    My vote is to go with something else.
  20. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    Yeah I think you’re right. I’m starting my apprenticeship when I finish school. Cheers

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