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    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Yes, I've got them at home.......>>

    Just like Ben I would probably stuff it up if I tried to list them off the top of my head so I'll post the details tomorrow morning.
  2. KEZA

    KEZA Zed Fiend

    Great pictures :YD well done :-Z (n/m)

  3. ZEDDUDE''ette

    ZEDDUDE''ette New Member

    I bet you were glad you did!

    Hi Tim! =)
    At least you know what it was like. Would you say it was better to have come along the way you did, better than not to have come at all??:D
    Thanks for the mad chats and it was great meeting you.:YD Looking forward to the next time=)
  4. K-zed

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    Can u provide a bit more info Pete?

    Like accomodation availability, prices and more on Events, please. Whilst it's quite a long distance to travel from Qld, unless making it an EXTRA long weekend, I'll keep an open mind on attending. For my part I enjoyed the easy day's run down & back to Gilgandra - it was just like an extended 'cruise'.I also would be interested in a vote outcome re the potential for a 2005 Easter Cruise [a half bi-annual, if you like] for ppl in NSW/QLD who are NOT going to Goulburn.We could run it more like a 'cruise', with a TECH day, BBQ's, & other purely social events - golf, tennis, 10-pin bowling, etc. Location? A central NSW town, just a bit inland with nice scenery ... good accomodation ... Tenterfield, maybe the Hunter Valley?I know it's early days, the dust has barely settled around Gilgandra, the euphoria slowly draining away ... but any discussion/ideas will take many months to formulate into a viable option.While we're still revved up ready to go again for another big meet ... think about it. Email me?Cheers, Rob.:-Z
  5. JT

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    Im in for the Z Nationals.

    Competing of course:YD
  6. Lou

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    Definitely a huge thanks to Jen...

    I don't think she got enough recognition. From one organiser of events (zed and non zed) to another, I realise the amount of organising that goes on behind the scenes that no one else sees. Well done Jen, and everyone else who had a part in bringing the weekend together - including all participants. :) :YD
  7. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    you've got mail (n/m)

  8. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    Know what you mean, Chilli is wayyyy older

    than what you would think when reading his posts. :D

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    This far out from the event.......>>

    I can't really give more info then the fact that it is going to be based in Goulbourn with the track day to take place at the Wakefield circuit. In all my paperwork at home I think I have the details of the host club so I'll dig it up and fire them off an email asking for an update. Hopefully I'll have some more details to report soon.I realise that Goulbourn is quite a drive from QLD but I would still encourage members to attend. Mikey Jen and I made it up to Brisbane for the Nationals and had a great time so all I ask is that people give the event a chance before deciding against it.
  10. Caz1

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    'Duey' is next to me, row 6, position 8 (n/m)

  11. Gazza

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    Definitely the longest...

    ...not involving any "debating" :D :YD ^D^
  12. Zcar91

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    Running Conzult at Gilgandra..>>

    Just a few notes about my checking a few zeds with Conzult on the Sunday.
    Firstly, big thanks to Gary (BlueZ) for his considerable help and advice on this day. Also, to IB for his help in more that a few engine bays and to Steven for the loan of his libretto notebook with the Conzult software (my notebook was not cooperating).
    Secondly, an apology for a crappy speech I gave at the awards ceremony. I was surprised at how tired I was at the end of the day and I neglected to thank my wife (a true Z widow), the judges, the organisers, Viv & Nev and of course those in attendance. Well, here it is - a big thanks to you all for a great long weekend. Yes, we (Anna and I) are looking forward to the next event and hopefully my two lazy sons will also attend.
    I don't remember the number of zeds I/we looked at but it was certainly more than 10. I was surprised to find almost all zeds had a problem of some sort. Unfortunately, two zeds had timing belts out by one tooth. I think only two zeds had correct timing at 15 degrees btdc with the usual range being between 10 to 20 degrees. Nearly all had the TPS outside the range 0.44V to 0.46V with one or both O2 sensors stuffed. When adjusted to the near correct settings I think most owners noticed some improvement. Also, when one or both O2 sensors were stuffed then disconnecting the sensors usually improved things.
    The lesson learnt is that don't bother using Conzult until you first adjust the timing to be in the range 14 to 16 degrees (preferably at 15). Particularly if you have a stock ECU. Then adjust the TPS to be in the range 0.44V to 0.46V at hot idle (ensure coolant temp is at 80 Celcius and hopefully idle is near 750 rpm). If not, perform slight adjustment to the base idle screw to get 700 rpm to 750 rpm depending on transmission type. Take note of the O2 sensor readings up to about 2000 rpm and if one is either stuffed or very slow then disconnect both of them. Finally, take zed for a spin around the block. Incidentally, all adjustment is done with the A/C off.
    Now, I know this method is not precise but it enabled as many zeds as possible to be checked. Hopefully this little bit of messing was worth while.
    PS: IMPORTANT NOTE 8D : Although I am certain that I tightened all three of the CAS bolts and the two TPS screws it would be prudent for owners to just quickly check this to be so. It was a loooong day and fatigue can play tricks with your mind. Particularly at my age.
    PPS: For those interested the timing light I used was a Hella 8PD 004 835-001 (stock code 7023), Autobarn (about $100). It's a beauty!!!
  13. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Something you will be unlikely to>

    achieve Mark, if you pursue this line of discussion}D }D :D :D Congrats on the trophy:YD :YD Enjoyed seeing you again.Cheers
    :-Z >D<
  14. Z-ster

    Z-ster Active Member

    Great post John :YD

    I found it to be a very informative weekend watching you perform diagnostic tests with the Conzult and carry out various adjustments. Although I took a lot of mental notes on the procedures you followed it's great to have a write up as a reference. :YD Thanks
  15. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    :) I saw the pic of you playing golf and was

    going to comment on that, but decided the age thing would be enough.... for now :D It was good to catch up, disappointed that it turned into a bad weekend for me in regard to time, but hopefully with next cruise not near work I shouldn't have a problem.Cheers
  16. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Pete, I'm not saying the event should be>

    avoided, but rather suggesting that it would be short-sighted of us to disregard the various reasons that Gilgandra attracted such a good turn-out.
    I have probably attended more days at Wakefield Park than you, and my family had many years in the Goulburn area, so I am not unfamiliar with the region.
    One very pertinent fact about Goulburn, is that it is the centre for training NSW Police Officers (Goulburn Police Academy), and as such, has a very unenviable reputation for excessive, and enthusiastic issuing of Traffic Infringement Notices. Performance cars and high spirited owners are not welcome in the area and would be wise to avoid it whenever possible.I can think of nothing more likely to ruin a weekend than multiple "Double Demerit Points" loss and "double monetary fines".That is why I urge some caution about diving in without due consideration.Cheers mate
  17. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    I was NOT playing golf, I was>

    providing "Comic Relief":-0 :-0 :-0You did well to refrain from commenting on that subject. Cheers
    :-Z >D< :D
  18. Thanks

    John just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to have a look my car.just to let you know it ran a lot better on the trip home.also i would like to thank everyone for a great long weekend and all your help and advice.:YD :YD :YD :YD :YD :YD :YD
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    Your all old (miss-leading names)

    Compared to a 20 yr old. =) Lou is actually a chick called Louise.
    Zeddude is also a chick called Teresa.
    And I thought both of you were guys. :-0
  20. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    Yep Yep Yep So glad i did make the trip

    Well worth it. Now my only problem is which way to go fixing the zed. To many ideas.

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