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Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Steven, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. OZZ

    OZZ Guru

    That Yellow Zed.......

    I had a great time and it felt like ZED heaven. Sorry to all those who were getting sick of hearing about the yellow zed. I feel honoured to have received two awards and to have meet so many great people. Thankyou to all the organisers, judges, Viv and Nev and those who attended for a unbelievable event. :YD :YD :YD
  2. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Re pics .... see Richo's post below >>>

    >>> for some 'golf day' pics ... see Tiger Chili in action + group pics. [You can link to any of them too!]I have yet to edit pics of Owner+Zed but will put up on my Server shortly.It was a pleasure to meet you Ben, along with Pete & Simon you've given us a tremendous Forum & the Gilgandra Event will certainly grow ... just like the Forum has.Cheers, Rob.:-Z
  3. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Great pics Richo. (n/m)

  4. ZEDDUDE''ette

    ZEDDUDE''ette New Member

    Thanks for sharing your great works!

    There was some amazing shots in all of that.
    Thanks for being there to add your talent to the already amazing weekend.
  5. YellowZed

    YellowZed New Member

    Luv Yellow

    Nah the yellow looks great Gene
  6. richo

    richo New Member

    You're welcome guys!

    ...and err, 'lady', ZEDDUDE:p
    about time u changed the nickname eh;) I'm glad u and the Wiz liked the pics. I had a great time taking them, and meeting all the owners. Definitely a great bunch of people, and enjoyed my time in Gilgandra immensely.Cheers
  7. PIMP300

    PIMP300 New Member

    Good Photo's, wish I was there ;)
  8. IB

    IB ?????

    That order confuses me....

    How about this way, the same as the pic-Row 7: 350Z, ?, ?, Zcar91, Elmar, Wykked/Blondie
    Row 6: Chewy, OZ300, IB, ?, RaZorTT, DreamZed, ?, ?, Caz1
    Row 5: Wizard, ?, ?, Kalus, Blipman, RedZedMicky, OZZ, MrZee
    Row 4: ?, BeastZX, method, Chili, ?, Z-Ster, tHeSmUrF
    Row 3: ?, cbzx, ?, ?, ?, ?
    Row 2: ?, ?, Bluez, Steven, Keza
    Row 1: K-Zed, Zeddude, Cove, Gazza
  9. IB

    IB ?????

    Only 16 unacounted for....

    Where are Oni, AZA (row 5 pos 3?), ltd, Baroo, Wayne, Zepplin, zxtt-1, Abode, Phatzx and the others I've forgotten already:s :s :s
  10. Mr Trickle

    Mr Trickle New Member

    number plate "the 300"

    big fan of that front bar. What type is it?
  11. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Whilst I follow your reasoning Mikey,>>

    I didn't head to Gilgandra because of a Show'n'Shine event.
    My decision to make the trip was made before there was any sort of agenda at all, and was solely based on an opportunity to meet as many of my fellow Zed owners as possible.
    There may be others who had the same idea.
    I would not bother to attend Wakefield because of a "track day", the facilities are OK for a Race Meeting, but they pale into insignificance for anything approaching a social gathering.I would be very surprised if all the people who came to Gilgandra, would summon up the enthusiasm to head for Wakefield Park.I believe this is the correct time to break with tradition and allow democracy to be trialed, let's have a vote!Cheers mate
  12. AZA

    AZA Active Member

    is this the longest thread on the forum???

    :D :YD
  13. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Member

    Zeppelin is now back at base

    Man, what a trip! Great weekend, great people, great cars. And the longest trip we've yet done in the Zed - 1757 kilometres without missing a beat. What an amazing car. Because Di and I broke the travel a bit, we ended up driving for Thursday/Friday and the Monday/Tuesday, and, rather than feeling that the trip was tiring and a chore, we both got such a buzz out of the car. DAnd hey, dn't you just LUV overtaking!
    It was great to meet all the people behind the names that I've become familiar with on the Forum. It's amazing how you develop an impression of someone from their posts, and then actually meet them and find that the 25-something you imagined is really a little bit (lol) older and wiser. There is much wisdom in our ranks, and much youthful exhuberance as well.
    Congratulations to the organisers. You did a truly wonderful job, and congratulations also to everyone there for making it such a successful and enjoyable event.BTW, my silver Zed is Row 3 from the front, far right. So clean, it's glowing!
  14. Lou

    Lou New Member

    *puts hand up*

    If you want a hand doing some of the write up give me a holler.
  15. Kalus

    Kalus Finally dug myself out

    very good point (n/m)

  16. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    OK, lets vote.......>>

    But before we do can I just wade in with a few comments. The Z Nationals is far more then just a track day. The 2005 event which will be based in Goulburn will have a show'n'shine on one day and a track day at Wakefeild on the other, just like last years QLD one. If anyone wants a refresher I suggest they have a read through Garry's great report 2004 Z Nationals.
    While the track day may not be for everyone it does make an interesting spectator event, or you could always go and play golf on that day, just like you did at the "G". You wont even be financially disadvantaged as the race part of the entry fee is extra. The presentation dinner is a bloody good night and those who attended the one in Brisbane had a great night.
    Basically the Z nationals is the same weekend as what we have just had but with other Zeds thrown in, a chance of a few laps for those who want them, or a day in which to do whatever you want if that doesn't appeal. I would urge those who have never attended a National meet to experience one before they decide it isn't for them. And finally....."We have so few really good big Z events, lets please not try and organise to have two of them on the same weekend because in a competition like that we will all eventually be the loosers".
  17. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    Couldn't bring my z so came in dads (red32)

    His row 3 in the middle a red z
  18. Lou

    Lou New Member

    C'mon Shane......

    You mean to tell me after sticking your head inside, outside and under the bonnet of ever zed there, you still can't tell who's is who's...? ;) :p I don't blame you mate. I just seem to have an amalgum of one very hybrid zed in my head after all that. :D Lou.
  19. Lou

    Lou New Member

    :YD :YD :D :D Tops weekend!

    Im very glad I went. (I can feel the 'I told you so' speeches coming from Blip and Wykked already.... ;) )Great to put even more faces to names! Although even this social butterfly got a bit too butterflied-out at one stage. So many people to talk to - not enough time! I can't wait for the next one with my next zed. Louise.
  20. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    What a top bloody weekend........>>

    Pity there wasn't some form of bounty on those bloody bugs, we all could of made a bit of money if other peoples cars resembled mine. I'm still trying to work out how they got behind the driving lights, and it will take me a full day to get all of them out of my intercoolers. Now, onto a few pieces of business....Mark Picker (Smurf), if you read this can you please mail me an address to post your trophy, hat and pen to.The three other co-winners of the peoples choice award, Can you also please mail me an address to send your trophies to, although don't expect them for a week or so as I have to polish the bloody stainless steal Z for the center of each before I can get the trophy place to make more.I didn't get the chance on Sunday night to thank my fellow judges Lou or Shane fully for such a sterling job at their first attempt. Climbing into the hot interiors of 40+ zeds and looking at a similar number of engines is a daunting task and I'm sure that they probably both had a constant blur of zeds in their vision each time they closed their eyes on Sunday evening. Judging is a thankless job, but you have my thanks for a job well done.I hope, and it would appear from the responses above, that everyone had fun. Those who were involved in the organisation of the weekend tried to give each person who attended a great weekend to remember, and I think we just might have done that. Not everything was perfect, but that just gives the people who organise the next one a better chance to improve on this one.I would love to thank all the people who assisted with this event but the list really would be massive and I'm sure to miss a few so I'll only do a few of the main ones...Our sponsors, who I won't list. Buy a stubby holder if you want to know who they are, Ben a has a few left over and they look bloody marvelous, keep your drink cool, and support the Association.[image][/image]The Chillcott brothers for constantly doing all the little things (like contacting the bowls club and organising golf) that add diversity to such a great weekend.Viv and Nev from the Hotel, top bloody hosts to whom nothing was too much trouble, and with whom I hope we can stay again.Ron Lea (Wizard) for the ripper shirts. If you bought one you will know exactly what I mean, and if you didn't you will kick yourself when you get to see one in person. Top work Ron, and I look forward to the "Zed Fest II" shirts I hope you will do next time.Ben (Blip), the stubby holders are great (buy one) and that was only one of about 100 jobs he did in the weeks leading up to Easter and it only slowed his engine bay work down minutely. I'm really going to have to pull the finger out if I want to out do him now.Jen (Blondie), my wonderful partner who worked long and hard to organise all the little details and pull everything together in the months before easter, and who was still working hard all weekend long (like tallying all the entrants/publics votes) and yet still managed to help clean the car and keep the kids from annoying me when I wasn't in the mood for them. Thanks Jen, you rock.^D^ Lastly, if you were one of the members who made the long haul to Gilgandra then the biggest thank you goes to you. This event was a success purely because of the effort you all made to come and have fun, because without you all, none of this is possible.:-Z

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