Leather Seat and Trim Kit GB -Tuner D (3ZC)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by jschrauwen, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. ports

    ports the pro

    Thanks for bringing this GB to our attention John, the product looks good. :cool:
  2. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

    stupid me

  3. Gilesey

    Gilesey New Member

    Interested in signing up for seats

    hey man, yeah i would like to sign up for 2+2 black seats. As long as its under 500 AUD its cool. If thats ok. Thanks..

    Do u have a mobile i can send my details and postal address to?
  4. Gilesey

    Gilesey New Member

    Just read the whole thread

    Disregard what i said, i shoulda read more closely that the date was already
  5. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Still open!! SECOND CHANCE!!!

    Hi all

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that you can still get in on this deal if anyone is interested??


    Due to the OVERWHELMING response.......the GB order has been delayed a few weeks as they anticipated to wrap it up BEFORE the production factory was unavailable for 2 weeks in Feb!

    They were hoping for a GB of 30! which they could easily complete in time!
    They got something like 80!! :eek:.......so production has been delayed somewhat!

    Because of this Jappo is now accepting late inclusions into the GB!!.......to help those who missed out! :zlove:
  6. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    Thanks for letting us know

    I have just sent him a pm, an email and posted on the thread, lol!

    Hopefully he gets at least one of thm in time to organis my set before it closes again!:zlove:
  7. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    No Probs!

    Chris (Jappo) is pretty good with his replies! You should hear from him within 24hrs! ;)
  8. Pilot.P

    Pilot.P New Z'lander

    Thanks for the heads up...missed it last time.
  9. fuzz300

    fuzz300 Member

    I am Keen for Seats + Leather Trim Kit.

    However the link: www.tunerdervelopment.com does not work, which makes me suss. Anyone know as to why their site is down?

    also has anyone actually cited any of these products? I would prefer to pay more and know that someone has the product and can vouch for its quality/workmanship.

    any thoughts guys and gals?
  10. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Contact seller.......

    via the link for the GB thread on 3ZC in the first post in this thread!
    Chris (Jappo) is very prompt at replying to both PM's & emails!
    He has great feedback on both 3ZC & TTnet regarding this product!

    yes it's a bit of a gamble buying sight unseen???.......but I figure he's attracted almost 80 buyers to his second round GB for these!!! :eek: .......so he must be doing something right??

    For those that are wary.......I'll give everyone feedback & pics as soon as I get my hands on mine?? Keep ya fingers crossed for me! :eek:

    By the way........Chris said he has already sent about 8 to 10 sets to Oz in the past!!!........so maybe someone on the forum has them already?? :rolleyes: .......be great to hear any feedback if they do????
  11. Tigerr23

    Tigerr23 New Member


    am i to late for this group buy?
  12. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member


    Sorry but can everyone take note THAT I AM NOT ORGANISING THIS GB!!!! :p

    All the info, pricing AND THE LINK TO THE US GB!!!!!.........is all there in the first post in this thread! ........so please take the time to READ IT!!!!! ;)

    I am just a participant in this GB passing on some info for those who might be interested???

    Any order or price enquiries need to be directed to Chris (Jappo) who username is TunerD (Tuner Development) on the 3ZC forum in the US!!!

    CheerZ :)
  13. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    Keeps missing mine somehow...

    Dunno if I'll even make the group-buy at this rate :(
  14. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Thanks for that ZedHed. I keep getting pm's for orders and pricing which I'm afraid I can't process. It would really help if those interested would read the 1st post and subsequently register on 3ZC if they haven't done so in the past.
    As to final order date. It slid to the right because of the overwhelming response and the order was broken down into 2 stages. Therefore the end of the 2nd stage for ordering is tomorrow 15 Feb 08.
    So, 1 day left to order.

    If anyone has recieved there order already, could they also include a brief feedback since I believe there may be another GB sometime this Summer (your winter).

  15. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    Well.... Im even poorer...

    scrouged together enough to get in on the group buy, so now I have nothing until next week's payday :(

    No food for me :(

    :zlove: :zlove: :zlove:
  16. Nigel300

    Nigel300 New Member

    don't wanna open up a can of worms

    but will these fit right hand drive zed seats? coz i was goin to buy UAS's z floor mats only to find when i tried put them in they didn't line up and was obviously only 4 left hand drive zeds
  17. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    all good, he understands how to make them for RHD models as well, so no probs

    Its closed though now...

    I ordered mine on the last day I think

    though he said till the end of the weekend so If you hurry you might still be able to place an order
  18. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    Got my order in time, last night

    All up including freight, it came in at $880 USD ($997.xx AUD). I bought the whole kit, including centre console, doors, under dash etc. Also had the Z logo done in the seats.

    Seriously considered suede, but the chances of it getting marked were too high...pity as it does look good.

    So, they here yet? :)

  19. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    You have a 4 seater then?

    Sounds like I got similar for a 2 seater, but with coloured sticking and shifter and handbrake boots, all up 800USD (including postage)
  20. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    Yep 4 seater

    also got the handbrake, gear shift boot etc (even though I already had them with red stitching, I just wanted to make sure all the leather looked similar). Also had eveything done with red stitching.

    Not sure how much I will like it has I already have the factory velour (spelling?) interior and I like that as well. Just wanted to get the doors redone but looks like I've gone overboard again as usual.


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