Leather Seat and Trim Kit GB -Tuner D (3ZC)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by jschrauwen, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Well originally......

    I was quoted for 2 boxes @ 14"x14"x14" for $100US per box??........because I was told this was the biggest box USPS would send to Oz??.......so I have no idea why there is now suddenly talk of one 28"x24"x6" box being sent by FedEX??........especially when it is over a third more expensive??........& we all now FedEX charge premium rates!!!

    Up to now I have been happy to be patient & wait while this GB ran it's course but this is starting to really give me the shites! :mad: :mad:
    I don't mind waiting but when it costs you extra cash as well..........:mad: :mad:
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  2. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    Yep I'm not happy

    either. I checked with Chris (Tuner D) if he had an account with FedEx (as discounts can be as high as 70%) and he said he did. I realise now that I think he has a profile/account not a business credit account.

    To make it worse I asked Coz what it would cost to send the same parcel on his FedEx account......$160 USD. I then got a quote to ship from Orlando to Arizona (where Coz is) and without an account it was $140 USD (2 day delivery) !!! Also by doing this, Tuner D took no responsibility on the condition of the goods (which is understandable).

    I decided stuff that, as it isn't really saving much and means more handling of the freight. This was when I just paid the additional freight.

    Coz then got back to me later and said that same parcel on his account across the US would have been $30 USD. F%^K!!!

    Thing is what do you do? Go through a possible shit fight (but maybe not) trying to get a refund, which would be a huge disappointment after waiting so long. Or pay an extra $190 odd AUD to get what you wanted?

    I'll be so pissed off if customs stop this parcel and whack another 25% on it. I just hope this stuff was made in the US and not imported from elsewhere.

    If Chris is going to run a GB to this group (as he has suggested) freight would need to be a shit load better than this round.

  3. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Not made in US!!

    I hate to say it.......but to get the prices he does & for it to take this long??........ there is no way these things are being made in the US!!! :eek:

    We all know the saying "Slow boat to (in this case from)China!"
    Enough said! :mad:
  4. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    or mexico

    Yeah, I'll be very surprised if it is as well.

    But just hoping he has put someone on the packing dockets along those lines, or at least listed it as Sample Goods.

    I just sent Chris an email explaining how crap the freight is, and before he considers doing an aus300zx group buy he needs to sort the freight issue out.

    He said he didn't discover the under quoted until he had sent the first one out to Australia....I wonder if that person had to pay the freight difference, or if he wore it.

    Just to add insult to all this, there was a stuff up with my order and I didn't get the Z logo in the seats, so now I'm going to have to get them done locally....bet it isn't going to be $20 :(

  5. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that!

    Geez I haven't even asked about whether or not they have got my order right yet??.......I'm still fuming from this bullshite about extra shipping!! :mad: :mad:

    I think I might see if Coz can help me out & organise the shipping through him?? at least that way the money I have already paid (that is if Chris will agree to refund it to me or preferably forward it to Coz???? :confused: :confused: ) will cover the cost for Coz to ship it!

    I have also just sent Chris a few emails regarding this! :mad:

    I suggested that perhaps he should consider opening such a "Credit Account" with FedEX???........especially if he is considering a GB for the Oz forum??........although this latest turn of events will not be helping his cause! :lame: :lame: :lame:
  6. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Really not happy!!

    Apparently although I was originally quoted for 2 x 14" cube boxes to be sent @ $100US per box??.......it turns out my order won't fit into these boxes????.......so a single bigger box has to be sent??

    I asked Chris (TunerD) if he would consider opening a Business account with Fedex so he could take advantage of the discounts they offer for doing so in order to help out the few Aussie buyers who are somewhat 'guinea pigs' in this GB??

    His reply was this:

    "As far as trying to open another type of merchant account with Fedex, I will look into it but as of right now, I am fine the way it is because I don't really have any international customers but a handful. If I notice that business demands for the change, then I will do it"

    WTF!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    He might be 'fine' but I'm not!!! :eek:

    From where I currently stand his business is bloody screaming out for it!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: ........especially when Coz can send the same size & weight box for only $160US!!! compared to his $325+US

    Geeeez you think they would be trying to do EVERYTHING they possibly could to help the Aussies out considering there would be (or should I say WAS!!!) great potential here for a future GB!!

    I know its only an extra $140+AUD.......but there is still no guarantee I won't get slugged an extra 25% in Import Duity & GST once these things arrive????........so I'm really not keen on handing over anymore cash than I already have!!! :( :(

    Perhaps Coz can arrange to ship them for me??

    Sorry that ends my rant! ;) ..........well at least for now! :p
  7. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    Tuner D leather seat group buy

    I was originally quoted US $150.00 postage for my set, a few weeks ago after i sent an email asking where the f#@k my full trim kit was, i was informed by Tuner D that i had to pay an extra US $181.90 shipping, after checking the freight cost for the package size out I paid the extra, this was over two weeks ago, i have received no confirmation they have actually been sent, either by Tuner D ( who upon confirming the extra shipping payment said they would get them out to me) or the freight service he is using, so basically i have forked over
    AUD $1,200.00 and haven't seen a scrap of leather at this stage, i will let the forum know if and when they arrive. My advice to anyone thinking of joining any further group buys is, if you can't be prepared to wait at least six months for them, don't bother, in fact, until they actually turn up and are inspected by those of us who have already bought a set and give the thumbs up i would say don't even go in the group buy, it is a very similar scenario to another famous recent group buy that was run on the forum anyone remember huge mofo smic's ?
  8. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    finally arrived

    well, they finally arrived, they were sent two weeks after i was told they were going to be sent, shit happens i guess, anyway, they are excellent quality, stitching is perfect, leather is beautiful and soft, the whole finish is first class, anyone that is willing to wait 6 months for them it is well worth the wait, final cost for a full trim kit, seat covers, handbrake boot and gearshift boot was was AUD $1096.00 including freight which was $331.00 to country WA, anyway heres a couple of pics of some of the stuff.
    by the way, the seats are quite black, not greyish like in one of the pics, was bad light or something :) [​IMG]
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  9. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Good to hear BHP!

    It's great to know that they are excellent quality! :zlove: ..........& worth the wait!

    The pics look great! ;)

    Did you have to pay any extra import taxes & GST at all when they arrived??
  10. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    hi zedhed, no import duty or taxes, the price i said in the pics post was the full price , nothing more to pay, by the way, that is for a 2 seater, :thumbup:
  11. fuzz300

    fuzz300 Member

    I'm keen for the 2nd round. Any clues as to when this may start?

  12. tHeSmUrF

    tHeSmUrF tHeSmUrF

    Yeah mine arrived on Tuesday as well.

    I think mine all up was about $1060 USD. Only thing being that back when we had to pay for them the exchange rate was not as good as it is now. I think it was about $1250 or $1300 AUD. Total price was worse than it should be due to Chris stuffing Aussies with overpriced freight.

    I agree that the quality is excellent, I'm just still a little annoyed that my request for the Z logo got missed. On top of that, I'm now annoyed at myself for not getting the perforated leather on the seats and for not getting suede rather than leather for the trim kit.

    If it hadn't been such a huge PITA to get these ones, I would consider selling them and buying another set from Chris.

    Mine were similar to yours BHP. Same colour and with red stitching and full trim kit (except my trim kit was a 2+2).

    I'll be doing the seats myself but going to hand over the trim kit to a professional to do.

  13. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Wow, I had no idea that this thread would have taken off like it did.
    I still have to get my trim kit installed. Probably this winter. :zlove:
  14. Scott Martine

    Scott Martine Rollin on DUB's

    Let me know when the next GB for these are going ^.^

  15. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    I think you already missed it!

    Pretty sure Tuner D is or has already run another GB on these on the US forum!
    You need to keep an eye out on that forum!.........not here on this thread!
  16. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member

    ye once i finished doin my exhaust:zlove: i would deffs be very interested in doin the full car in a few months...:thumbup:
  17. Scott Martine

    Scott Martine Rollin on DUB's

    Hopefully there will be more :)

  18. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

  19. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Looks good mate, I would have spent nearly $1100 on hides alone for my retrim, looks like you got a great result for the money.

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