Leather Seat and Trim Kit GB -Tuner D (3ZC)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by jschrauwen, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Thought I'd post this for Jappo (Tuner D) as a courtesy (you may know him from tt.net) about his GB on 3ZC.
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  2. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    do you know or can find out what kind of leather is used? at the price sounds like its the cheaper stuff (chinese leather)...i asked a trimmer about chinese leather and he says its the cheapest in the leather range, aparently does not last long.
  3. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    Jeeez,now the chinese make cows as well ? :eek: :D
  4. vbevan

    vbevan Active Member

    Yeah, same question
  5. Western Z

    Western Z special member

    OH YEAH Chineese cows , i knew about them but i thought they cost exrtra .


  6. vbevan

    vbevan Active Member

    Isn't that Indian? Lol, Hindu leather is the worst. So expensive, though at least you know you have "Holy seats" after :p
  7. Western Z

    Western Z special member

    Oh is that where i went wrong , ? , now i see ,, indian cows are cost more and chinnese cows are cheap . , got it now , thanks mate . :D

  8. vbevan

    vbevan Active Member

    Just don't buy leather from England. Prices are "crazy":bash: :

  9. Swifty Devil

    Swifty Devil Member

    surely there must be some mad cow stock at discounted prices :D
  10. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    these are very good value considering the prices of the woolly mammoth seat covers, i ordered a set through ttzed 2.5 million years ago,they cant be far away now :eek: :eek:

  11. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    haha....funny guy....love it how people flame people.....
  12. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Wow, guys. I thought I'd be able to return the favour for those that have helped me here in the past. Chineese leather??? Oh please. Jappo has done GB's on tt.net and this is his second on 3ZC. He's already confirmed he can reverse patterns for the Trim Kit so as to be RHD friendly and I'm sure you can get the same for the seats as well. Why not take the time to register on 3ZC and post those unique questions directly. You'll have to anyway to get in on the GB.
    I thought that there would be those who would jump all over this since the prices are very good and so is the quality.
  13. Stef

    Stef Active Member

    Don't listen to them.

    I for one am interested.

    Is the group buy for fully assembled kits, but you are getting just the pieces cut out to sew together yourself ?

    What's the difference between RHD and LHD ? Can't you just swap the right and left kits ?
  14. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    if you want to put something made for the left side on the right you would have to turn it inside out, i paid $400 for a urethane gauge pod, the wanker sent me a left hand drive pod and it is farkin useless in a right hand drive car so i have a $400 piece of rubber(urethane)that is totally useless, by the way, it wasn't the guy doing the leather products group buy, it was a mob called UltimateZ, i recommend no one use them,
  15. Western Z

    Western Z special member

    dont get us wrong most of us think the same and is why we were joking about chinnese leather (ausie humour). This is a great deal and id be in myself it if i had not just done mine recently . Thanks for putting this offer on the table my freind.

  16. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    2+2 REAR SEAT??

    Do you know if they can do a rear seat for a 2+2 as well with these kits??
  17. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Good question....

    I'm not sure since it wasn't posted in the openning thread. I'll pose that query in that thread to see.

    These are for the leather seat skins that are already sewn together. There's no sewing required. The quality is supposed to be good and the pricing is fair. Once again, I highly recommend that if there are those that are seriously interested, they make their specific queries and requests known to the originator of the GB. This means posting in the applicable thread and registering on 3CZ if required. I'm not sure of the reluctance of those who are unwilling to register. Is it simply laziness? I'm in no way affiliated with this GB only in so far as just passing along information that I myself have seen. Please don't pm me for specifics on the GB as I would only have to pass your question on through a normal post and then repost it back - second hand info. I suggest to make those specific queries yourself, just like I had to about RHD Trim Kit.
    I hope this helps.

    BTW, FWIW, Z1 will be doing a GB soon on Z floor mats. The query has already been put forth for the RHD community and is being considered.

  18. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    As said earlier John,the mammoth joke was on the chinese,not the good deal you have put forward :)
    p.s ,ill take a set of woolly mammoth car mats for sure :D ,ill keep an eye out for that on the yank forum ,thanks for letting us know :zlove: :zlove: :zlove:
  19. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Thanks anyway!

    Just thought you may know?? :rolleyes:
    I'll chase it up in the original GB thread! ;)
  20. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Anyone else in VIC???

    interested in these covers??

    I'm not 100% sure yet whether I will buy or not??
    I've emailed the supplier to ask to buy some samples of the leather to see the quality & the colour??.....I'm interested in the Tan options!......but could probably ask to buy other colour samples as well??

    If anyone else in VIC is thinking about these perhaps we could share the sample costs & the eventual shipping of the finished sets to Melbourne from the US??

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