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Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by ztoy, Sep 6, 2014.

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    I had this issue with the remote filter install of 4x4 the adapter that goes onto the block kept blowing off (did it twice) the problem in the end was that even though I had got a unit (from the local auto suppliers) that was labeled as a multifit metric unit for the 20mm thread it turns out it was supplied with imperial and the 3/4 thread does indeed wind on and tighten up nicely it has a small amount of play to start with but no more than the filter did. it does blow off under pressure and took about 200kms for the first failure then about 30 after that for the second. I ended up drilling and tapping a smaller adapter to 20mm.
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    Its been a while since I've posted so I though I'd give you a little update. Fatherhood has been very time consuming but I still have gotten a few things done since getting on the road.

    Firstly I had to make a controller for the EVAP system. While I had it hooked up the retuned ecu was not controlling it. Did a bit of magic with an Arduino is between to set voltages and has been there for 6 seconds. ie cruising between 60 and 110 kph. At WOT and Idle it is closed. Works well and the cabin doesn't reek of fuel now.

    Next mod was to raise the exhaust. The 3 in piping was hanging under the rails by 50mm. This was 50mm I couldn't lower the car. I took it up to Gav at HAPP and threw it on the hoist. And with some bits of exhaust pipe from Gibbs and some welding the exhaust was tucked up level with the chassis. Im quite proud of having a twin 3 in tuck up like that.


    How it sits now. Lowest point is still at 110mm


    The only other mod I fitted is a line locker which sneakily works of the cruise control buttons. I wont post photos for obvious reasons.

    Oh I fixed the cruise control too. Highway driving is much happier now :D

    I have taken it out for a few plays now. Took it to a skidpan for a slide. Needless to say the v8's torque made It a cakewalk.


    And I finally got it out to Willowbank. I ran a 12.43.

    Next mods on the list are a full suspension overhaul and a freshen up of the engine with a cam and a few other bits.
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    About time you did some work and updates us all ya slacker :p
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    Awesome conversion dude!
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    I know this might be a dumb question but do exhausts always have to be round can they be oval? So you can get a lower suspension fitment?
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    anything is possible, Sourcing material would be the biggest issue with oval pipes, followed by the hassal of manufactoring bends etc. Round is just the easiest.

    QLDZDR ID=David

    A new Zed owner in South Brisbane (older guy who always appreciated the lines of the Z32) stopped alongside to chat about whatever.

    Turns out he just bought a Zed to do an LS 6.0 conversion.
    I told him (Ron) to check out this thread.

    He is at the 'aquiring bits and pieces stage' but has done an engine swap or few before.

    I gave him the website address and suggested he search for this thread.
    This is such a good read, I hope the pics don't disappear from that Photobucket issue.

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