Zeddy takes out import award at snowy-hydro show

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by ProckyZ89, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    So I've been quiet as all feck lately.. (Or have I)
    When it comes to the 300,
    But dragged it out of it's Z-cave to attend a very worthwhile charity car show supporting the snowy hydro rescue helicopter and services.

    With a total of 100 cars it wasn't huge,
    But managed to take out
    *slammed 350
    *slammed 86
    *ralliart lancer
    *gsi lancer
    *subaru 06
    *wrx sti

    And do 300zx proud winning BEST IMPORT!
    Even with it's snowy scars



    QLDZDR ID=David

    :thumbup: very nice, very nice, very nice, but you only have room for one.
  3. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Nice work Procky.
  4. gmbrezzo

    gmbrezzo Moderator

    Congrats man. You have done the zed community proud. Well done.
  5. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    So how did you fit the 3 hotties into the car when you left ?
  6. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    He allowed them to compete in a "Naked Mud-Wrestling Comp"(and went home with the Winner), naturally.......:rolleyes2::zlove::zlove::br:

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