Why so many skylines??

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by JEDI-77, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    Was cruising around today and thought I would try and count how many skylines I saw on the road. Why you may ask??? Well, it seems like they are everywhere! So my question is, why is the skyline so popular as an import vehicle??? I see heaps of skylines and silvias, followed by supra's and 180sx. The zed is always in low numbers. Not that I mind because it makes the zed more exclusive but I cant figure out why such a beautiful car like the zed (most skylines and silvias are just ugly) isnt more popular. Just wierd.CheersJEDI-77
  2. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    i think its coz

    they are cheap and offer good value, ie good performance / reliable / 4 seats / cheaper to run or insure / cheaper parts.Z is obviously harder to work on, harder to get parts, which makes it rarer.
  3. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    also, not advertised much in magazines

    Not only for the reasons that chickenbum said, but also -
    relatively speaking, there isnt many 300ZXs in magazines.
    its always GTR and Supra and S14/S15 and the such.
    Its better that its exclusive though,
    makes us more "special"=)
  4. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    HPI loves them

    They even do skyline special issues, I think there has been 3 of them so far, where the mag contains nothing but skylines, even SPEED loves em, has that mag even covered 1 300Z?
  5. Zedzilla

    Zedzilla Zedzilla

    Havn`t been produced for a while plus.....

    The zed car is seen more as a luxury sports car rather than a race car as the GTR and lets face it if you buy a gts-t then you simpaly couldn`t afford a GTR.                      Also I think that the engineers had alot more in mind when they designed the zed that what was actually produced.All of us Zed owners know how restricted the is in standard form and what its really capible of,also we know dam well that with only a few minor mods a Zed would blow the the doors of any GTS-T with the same mods!!!!So let the sheep drive around in their toy GTR`s and us smart folk will allways whoop arse at the traffic light grand prix and look better getting there!!!             :D
  6. JimmyZ

    JimmyZ Guest

    It'll just get worse you know >

    i think the new hero car in the fast and the furious 2 is an R34 GTR. I see alot of skylines around too. When i go to university, every second shmuck has a GTSt with an outrageous exhaust and a bodykit and a bunch of stickers on their door and windscreen.I really don't know why so many people have them, they aren't anything special (except the GTR's) and i don't think they realise that for the same money (usually less) they could have a Z that would actually show they have some class and taste.And nobody can tell me that the Skyline interior is better then the Z's.
  7. Steven

    Steven Active Member


    Zed is a luxury sports car targetted at the US market to compete against the likes of Corvettes, Porsches, Honda NSX. (Touring car racing has never been strong in the US compared to Stockcars, Dragracing, dirt or concrete oval racing, even sports car racing where the zed raced).

    Skyline GTR is a race car ... Godzilla won Bathurst and the touring car championships.
    Australia is a touring car racing country, so if you are not a Commodore or Falcon man then Godzilla is the only thing left to choose.
    So boy-races get the "real" GTR ... but a GTSt looks the same and is cheaper (anyway it is the stickers that make you go faster).

    Silvia is/was Nissans entry level sports car... a toy for the boys. I wonder if Nissan deliberately designed driftability into these cars so as to appeal to the "vehicle control" desires of a younger driver.


    the Zed is a Vee-Sex not a Vee-Ate or a Four-Cyl.
    SO what car magazines are most popular, Street-Machine, Hot4s, FastFours (& rotaries).

    Sorry the zeds got two too few cylinders or two too many.


    As for the Supra, well does Toyota have a GTR-type car (4wd touring-race-car) ... NO.

    What who the Zed be to Nissan if the GTR did not exist ?


    Are you a Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, or Impreza man ?---------------------------If you were an importer and there is only so many cars you can import a year (plus compliancing costs). You could sell alot quicker GTRs and Silvias in the same time then Zeds.---------------------------Personally I would prefer to see less "crap" zeds.
    Okay, I am a snob ... know how much attention a line of zeds get cruising down the highway or through town... cant think of many other cars that can get the same reaction.
  8. Turbo Z

    Turbo Z Speed Freak

    Surprised by how slow some GTSt's are!

    I thought they'd be a lot quicker than they actually are, but they can easily be left far behind, and that's against some highly modified examples. I guess when people bitch about the weight of the Zed, they really should be looking at the equivalent weight of the Skylines, Soarers and Supras (which are all similar weights)
    Also the standard Skyline still reminds me too much of the old wide-bodied Camry produced a few years back, and the Supra's a bigger version of the Hyundai S-coupe crossed with the previous model Celica.
  9. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    I've heard...

    The new hero car in TFATF2 is a Mitsi Lancer... *Shrugz* :|
  10. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    LOL @ lancer!

    you could push it across the line or tow it...pop the hood....*pop*2JZ no s@%t, this will decimate all after we spend about 1 million bucks.
  11. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    BullSH%T A$$HOLE

    No one like the tuna here!
    you never had me...you never had your car.....and a stand alone fuel management system, not a bad way to spend ten thousand bux...
  12. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    hmm, is u fellaz gonna se e FF2? (n/m)

  13. BlueRaven

    BlueRaven Guest

    skylines are the commonwhores of imports...

    I think zeds arent as popular, apart from the very good reasons in the previous post...because they are so damn sexy!Aussies dont like sexy cars, they like beefy cars.
  14. PHATZX

    PHATZX New Member

    Paul walker drives EVO VII,

    Tyrese (new sidekick) drives what I think is another eclipse with the roof cut off, and a mustung tries to do the civic trick by driving under a truck but gets totalled:p
  15. JimmyZ

    JimmyZ Guest

    i saw some footage of him on >

    entertainment tonight and he was in an r34 GTR pulling handbrake turns for some promo shots. It had NOS bottles on the seat i think, it was a while ago.Probably just one of the other cars that will be in the movie though.
  16. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    if they write for skylines they have instant

    audience, I guess sales figures would play a big part when deciding what cars to cover, However with saying that, HPI has been getting better lately, has anyone seen the new mag with the silver stealthy 300zx in it?

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