WA Sunday "Lappo" Cruise

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by ZXxx, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Well done Terry! Great cruise, some more new faces (when will it stop) and some great zed action. I think I'm gonna forget the Stirling Hwy section of the cruise....talk about lost, but thankfully we were able to follow T-Shay into freo and down the cafe strip.

    Lunch was yum...even though a few of us spent more time waiting than eating....

    As for the P-plater VN Shitter that decided to join in the fun.....I was glad to put him in his place....HAHA.

    Pics below:

    The gang at the meet point in South Perth

    Nice to meet rob and his sexy zedy

    T-Shay showed up as promised, also dragging along a boat and a white whale....

    Hanging out a Captain Munchies...nice to see the WA guys can line up just as well as all you eastern fella's!




    Cruising to Scarborough for some lunch

    Lunch at Jimmy Dean's...

    Can someone say "coronary in a bowl"...

    Mickey decided to order the biggest burger on the menu....

    He had to take some time to work out a strategy to work that bad boy down....

    Maybe start with the chips...terry seems to agree!

    And finally he takes the plunge....making terry very proud!

    At the last meet point....ZXxx looking sexy in the wet....

    A great time was had by me and tam and hopefully everyone else...can't wait for the next one!
  2. Miksta

    Miksta M Spec

    Great day out once again!

    Firstly thanks to Terry who organised the event, top stuff :thumbsup:, nice show of cars, nice to also meet some new faces and hopefully will meet again in the future...

    Great runs along the coast i must say, i made sure everyone could hear some *DOOF DOOF* as we drove past :D, turned heaps of heads (im not surprised), attracting unwanted guests (You tell him where to stick it Paul!!)

    Lunch was great, that burger was great too, a tad small, i think i could have fitted another one inside :p :LOL:, how did i know those photo's will somehow make it here....

    For those of you who've bothered reading through this far, Autosalon is next weekend, check the coming events section, for those of you who want to meet up before hand and cruise there together, here are the details:


    Location: Hoyts undercover area Garden City shopping centre
    Date: Sunday 10th July
    Time: 9 o'clock meet for a 9.30 depart (SHARP!)

    Directions: its really easy to get to, if you can find canning highway or leach highway, u then turn into Riseley street, then into Almondbury road, its your second left turn...

    This is not a proper cruise, just a gathering so we go to autosalon together :), post replies in the coming events section, if you want to make it down, would be nice seeing lots of Z's rockup at the same time :thumbsup:

    Once again thats to everyone for a great cruise!

  3. Gogetter

    Gogetter Guest

    Nice Day Guys, Thanx

    Had a great time cruisin around with you guys n gals.
    Very well planned and alot of nice people turning up, now all i need is a 300z myself so i dont stand out :p

    One Image for yas:

    Only bad thing outa the day was at the end after everyone left, the turn onto the freeway, totaly lost it and cranked it into neutral accidently :angry: Lucky i was quick enough to avoid the kerb, but i was waiting for a crunch, thanx to the black 300 that knew what he was doing and stayed back :(

    All and all i had a good time tho.
  4. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    :LOL::LOL: I like the "boat and white whale" comment...:)
  5. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Thanks for a great time! :)

    It was my first Zed cruise and I just want to let you all know I had heaps of fun. Well done Terry on the map...very scenic drive around both north and south...really enjoyed it.

    We grabbed a lot of attention which was cool. :) Some unwanted attention towards the end of it...but you get that. I honestly thought those Commodore fella's were friends of someone...they followed us for ages! :wacko:

    I'm sorry but I barely remember peoples names...I have a real problem with that...but after a few more meetings I should be up to scratch.

    On the way home the Soarer (sorry I forget your name) had a near miss...glad nothing bad came out of that...I did my best to slow down when I saw you. It's all good though. Nice work on the recovery! ;)

    Who was the guy in the black 2 coupe with the "Aus300zx.com" sticker on the window? Mystery man! I think you're the only one I didn't get a chance to talk with...sorry mate! Next time... :embarrassed:

    Anyway...thanks again Terry and all. Nice one!

    Here are a couple of pics... :zlove:



  6. XCRUZXx

    XCRUZXx The Flying Scotsman

    Top day guys thanks to Terry nice sencery along the way well planned route,enjoyed first bit following Keith's porsche boxer and the drive up the coast meeting some new zedders

    :thumbsup:To Terry
  7. Amfibius

    Amfibius New Member

    Yeah I heard you going PSHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTT behind me. You were noisier than DVIOUS in front!

    Maybe for the next cruise we should go on some driving roads? Somehow getting stuck behind a Festiva on a heavily policed 60km/h road isn't my idea of fun ... (no criticism of you Terry).

    DVIOUS a.k.a TZA

    Thanks guys/gals for the great turnout!!!! was a great day!!!

    Was good to see a nice showing of cars!!!!
    as well as meeting everyone!!! some from previous, and some new faces!!!
    As a sum up, it was a great day with a great bunch of people! with great taste in cars :thumbsup: the weather was not too bad also, held off with the rain generally...thats the main bit!

    Mickey...I think it was just your lucky day! your scored the 'Empire state Burger' !!! and the Bomadore Tailgaters!!! Don't you feel lucky! At least Paul sorted them out! Left them with skid marks.......In there pants!

    Thats for all who came on such short notice. I was impressed with the turnout :thumbsup:

    Tom thanks for the quick burn in your Zed, those TD05 are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I look forward to the next cruise!!!
  9. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    HAHA...that's strange keith, I was stuck behind two festiva's on the way

    to the bloody cruise. Couldn't believe my luck. Finally get past one and another shows up....thats ford for you!
  10. NAVO

    NAVO New Member


    for my first aus300 cruise that was awesome, i just want to say thankyou to everyone for making it such a warm welcome for use newbies, i had the time of my life. for terry for orgasising it and welcoming me along, it was really good to put a face to the names. my mate, who was from another club, he said he was very imppressed, and would like to join us on the next one, so good work everybody, and thanks for a very good time. was awesome driving with you guys. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  11. Ollie_J

    Ollie_J Member

    Missed out :/ guess thats what i get for being soooofffft :p

    Feeling better now too, typical to get sick on the weekend!
  12. midnite

    midnite Member

    Thanks Terry, fellow cruisers, nice first cruise..

    wish I coulda stayed longer. Z-Force that was me with the stickers dude. The Zeds looked great. Thanks to all...








  13. Draco

    Draco The 1000 Man....

    Looks like a great Day...

    Kinda spewing I missed it... oh well next time.. looks like you organised a great day Terry,
    I've got a Suggestion for another one, Perhaps a squirt down to the the Ravo pub for a feed, through Dwellingup.. Give me a buzz if your keen to set it up Terry,

    Cheers, :thumbsup:
  14. COYOTE-305Q


    another great day

    thanks Terry for the event.
    just in the time for the meeting point:p, great to see some new faces.

    while you guys were having lunch(i think i went to Mars again. isn't that a nice place to be :LOL:), some young guys came to me and had few chat about our ZED. that feeling is undescribable. i mean you standing next the ZEDs and surrounded by bunch of people and asking you about the ZEDs:thumbsup:

    see you all at the next Cruise;)
  15. XCRUZXx

    XCRUZXx The Flying Scotsman

    Yep know what you mean that is one tasty ride you have

    Great respect for porsche great handling car very quick, mate had a turbo and I had few runs in his really responsive car next time Keith
  16. midnite

    midnite Member

    hey coyote, is that your zed with the 350 rims...? me like the look

  17. COYOTE-305Q


    thanks man, yeap that is my baby :zlove:
  18. CurnZ

    CurnZ zero rwkw

    looks like great day

    pissed that i missed it! oh well cyas at next cruise :thumbsup: nice lineup btw.
  19. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Ahhh! That was you midnite...

    Cool. It's nice to put names to faces...to names... :)

    Next time you'll have to show me your ride...looked awesome from the outside. I think I remember you telling me about it on here months and months ago...when you imported it.

    Anyway...hope to see you on the next cruise mate.

    Great photo's btw.

  20. COYOTE-305Q


    just few pics






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