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    3A2F58C9-2397-442A-96D5-EB7DE261AFDD.jpeg F48A23C3-304C-4441-988A-F985AB03DAA7.jpeg 3A2F58C9-2397-442A-96D5-EB7DE261AFDD.jpeg Out of my zed

    twin plate ceramic clutch for sale.
    Good condition.
    Only selling as upgraded to a giken quad plate.

    this was holding 680rwhp fine.
    It was inspected and a service job done 2 years ago and only driven on 1000k on the highway with an occasional boost here there before being removed when my engine came out.

    chasing $800 + postage/courier fees or given covids issues happy to arrange something with a sincere buyer.


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