Z32 Tacho not working 91 z32 TT

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FITZ, Feb 22, 2022.

  1. NI85

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    Ok looking at the FSMs I have. 1992 version shows Type A and Type B. It classes mine as Type B and yours as Type A
    Picture of early dash (Type B). Note that it has x1 12pin vertical plug (with tacho and oil feeding) an 8 pin vertical plug and 10 pin vertical plug.
    Picture of (Type A) wiring diagram

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  2. NI85

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    Just pulled out the collection of clusters I have. Looking at the later one, they do share the soldered link that goes to the ground on the top horizontal plug
  3. MickW

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    By now you guys have busted your nads looking for answers, we feel your pain.
    Sorry if this sounds like an odd way to put it but I keep returning to the scene of the crime to get more clues :)

    The CD player was mounted in the dash yeah?
    The front bumper was replaced, different wiring to suit the lights?
    The new steering wheel was the same spec?
  4. FITZ

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    Forgot about this thread. Car was sold, never found out exact cause. Story of most z32's... !?

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