Z32 Removed immobilizer - Battery / Booster issue.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by JRhys, Jul 16, 2019.

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    Long story short I have finally after three years i have retrieved my zx's and have them back at my house.

    One started up with no issues and the other I had lost the immobilizer fob, a family member removed the after market immobilizer however it would appear there is a short... and the car instantly drains the battery / booster before i can't get it to turn over.

    just wondering if there is anything i should check before i start delving deeper into the issue. I read a few posts regarding immobilizer issues and battery drain elsewhere and wondered if there could be another part of the immobilizer or stock alarm system causing this? e.g. something else i need to remove or reconnect.

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    Generally aftermarket immobilizers splice into the ignition cables that run down the steering column, you should check these were soldered back together properly and taped/heatshrinked. Depending what stage alarm it was it'll probably tie into your starter relay as well which is in the front fender, check your fusible link and fuses are still intact aswell. Does it only short on crank or does it short with key on ignition also?

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