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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by DUB, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Just went thru the hassles of putting a new clutch in my baby and got Simon in on the job for parts and advice. Gotta say if you need either or both he is the man to deal with.
    Even though there were no clutches available he hounded the suppliers til he got one for me and supplied it without me having to first supply my stuffed clutch. I just sent it back in his box at his suggestion after I got the new one, simple.So thanks a whole bunch Simon, great to have you on side :)
  2. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    Have dealt with Simon myself

    and will keep doing so.
    Simon was still easy to deal with and replied to all emails relating problems questions etc. very quickly.
    Agree totally with Brad, it must make it harder for him in that we live in W.A.
  3. Zcar91

    Zcar91 New Member

    Yep, am about to place another order..>>

    with Simon/STILLEN. When will it all end?Cheers
  4. Rigid

    Rigid Guest

    i was looking at his site the other

    day 'cos i need to buy a series 2 ptu, but i couldnt find it anywere on his site. I dont know if i was looking in the wrong part but if anyone knows where they are on the site it would be much appreciated if they told me....
  5. Thorny

    Thorny New Member

    PTU is found

    within the Nissan OEM parts section, then under OEM Sensors.PTU Type 2 - $560.00 (rrp $1,100.00 apparently)
  6. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Or you could order from Courtesy Nissan >>

    for USD $178.45... Obvioulsy you would also need to pay shipping etc... And it might take some time.Check HereNot that I'm trying to take business away from Simon, just providing more info so you can make your own mind up...
  7. Steven

    Steven Active Member

    Any guy who turns down a sale because

    Any guy who turns down a $ale because the product I wanted wont give me the desired effect I was after is tops with me.I will definitely be ordering more parts for my Zed from Simon.----------------The product was headers for my NA, Simon explained (think it went like this) that the kick-in-the-pants effect I enjoyed was caused by the overcoming of the back-pressure from the standard exhaust & standard headers, and that new headers while increasing high rpm power would smooth out the power curve and would nullify the kick-in-the-pants effect.
  8. Rigid

    Rigid Guest

    is there anyway of buyin it... but not from

    the internet.... im not to keen on purchasing stuff over the net, but still through simon
  9. Jenzx

    Jenzx New Member

    Phone him. Just bought a loverly shiny

    aluminium radiator from Simon and did it all over the phone with a direct deposit.To easy!
  10. Thorny

    Thorny New Member

    Simon is good for that

    When I bought allm y mods and 100K kit, I deposited the money into his account and he sent me the stuff right away. Got to me the next day.No messing around waiting, I got it right away and got the job done quickly.Give him a call, he's always to happy to chat with a Zedder
  11. Rigid

    Rigid Guest

    ok... well

    before i go and get it... is the ptu all i need for the install... like i dont need to buy anythin else for the exchange?
  12. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    The upgraded PTU......>>

    Comes complete with all mounting hardware and adaptors to go from the old harness to the new PTU. Here is what you get...[image][/image]
  13. Metho

    Metho Guest

    What is the Simon / Stillen URL ????

  14. Risk

    Risk New Member

  15. DSZX

    DSZX New Member

    its actually (n/m)

  16. Risk

    Risk New Member

    whoops..... sorry! (n/m)

  17. Zonny

    Zonny New Member

    Simon is a TOP bloke...

    In the little time I have been on the zed scene actually preparing my car to be registered after compliance, Simon has helped me every step of the way even when I wasn't interested at all abuot buying from him. He has been a great help and will definitely be getting my business with anything I need that he supplies for a Zed, as he'll always do right by everyone. He never thinks of the sale and will only sell you something if he thinks you'll love it and it'll benefit your zed. He's a great guy and if you ever need anything just give him a call, he's more than happy to talk to a fellow Zedder just like Thorny said!
    Zonny =)
  18. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Have to agree :D, he helped me track>>

    down a pulley puller even though it wouldn't have necessary meant a sale for him, he went out of his way to get prices and then suggested I could go to them directly... I'm impressed, not many people like that in business these days...

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