Power Steering Belt Removal

Discussion in 'Technical' started by JamainexD, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Ok this is for future readers who are researching prior to removing the power steering belt, perhaps to get to the AC belt or Alternator belt.

    After reading dozens of threads and guides, it seems the way to loosen the Power steering belt is to remove raditor for easy access, then rotate the crank to reveal the Power steering pivot bolt through the pulley. Then loosen this 4 or 5 turns, being careful not to fully remove it. Then loosen the slider bolt nut, then the slider adjustment bolt. This should allow enough movement to get the belt off.


    Well instead of doing this and loosening the pivot bolt in the pulley, a fellow member showed me a way that has worked countless times for him in the past.
    We simply undid loosened the adjustment nut and loosened the adjustment slider.
    We then positioned a long bar on top of the power steering pump itself, and gave it with a hammer pushing it down. (As shown by the red circle)
    After a few whacks the belt was loose enough for it to come off without prying it off with a pry bar or such.
    Getting a new belt on was a little more difficult, but with my bare hands I was able to get it within around 5 minutes.

    I thought i'd share this for future members who haven't taken the ps belt off before, or are currently stuck on how to allow more movement to get the belt off. :zlove:
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    Make sure you tighten the pivot bolt again at the or you're gonna have a bad time.

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