Polar Engineering 62mm Throttle Bodies Pre-Order

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  1. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    This is a pre order for Polar Engineering 62mm Billet throttle bodies for Nissan Z32 300zx. Suits Twin Turbo VG30DETT and Non Turbo VG30DE motors. Bolts to the OEM factory intake manifold (plenum) and Ash intake manifold/plenum and any other aftermarket intake manifold that suits factory throttle bodies. You will need to port match your manifold to suit the larger throttle bodies.

    Improvements over OEM and other aftermarket throttle bodies on the market for 300zx include
    • 6061 billet housing with 2024-t3 throttle plates and stainless hardware
    • Seals with a high temperature o-ring instead of a paper gasket
    • Low profile eliptical throttle plate
    • Available to suit Hella Throttle Position Sensor to suit aftermarket ECUs or OEM Throttle Position Sensor to suit Nistune or OEM ECU
    • Available with Clear, Silver, Black or Red anodised finish
    Ships as a pair of throttle bodies including O ring seals and stainless bolts. One pair requried per vehicle.

    Priced at $960AUD shipped, or $1072AUD shipped with a new Hella TPS inculded.

    Order at https://rgsperformance.au/collectio...ing-62mm-throttle-bodies-for-nissan-z32-300zx

    Polar Throttle Bodies 2.jpg
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    MORBOOST Active Member

    Interesting, I was always dirty that I missed robz throttles, whats the lead time on these? any more info on the different tps options, say I order oem can I use aftermarket tps in the future? also clear is raw alloy with clear? what would you say would be the closest to oem clear or silver?
  3. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    No specific lead time. There is a production run of 30 units (worldwide, not AUS), they go into production when we get close to that and then it's manufacture, ship my stock to AUS, I ship to you. This is not a never ending group buy; I have done this maybe four or five times now with Polar engineering in addition to my regular stock orders and things are always smooth and professional.

    OEM TPS is self explanatory. Hella TPS proivdes a cleaner signal but requires an aftermarket ECU that can be calibrated to suit.

    Yes with an adapter kit https://rgsperformance.au/collectio...ngineering-hella-tps-kit-for-nissan-z32-300zx

    Yes machined alloy with clear anodising

    Probably clear

    You are welcome to ask questions and I will reply quickly and accurately. Please don't bulk copy/paste from third party sources as it confuses the thread. Thanks.
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

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