Pivoting Front Upper Control Arms Round 2

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by rob260, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    The last run went well, so well in fact that I need to order in some more stock. If anyone wants to pre order that helps my cash flow, and in return I'll give them to you at bargain basement party like it's 2009 prices.

    Some info below

    Why A Pivoting Front Arm?
    • By design, the front camber arm is required to pivot as it travels through an arc between droop and compression.
    • Without this pivoting centre, the centre of the arm is subjected to torsional load that leads to breakage, worn bearings, and failed adjustment mechanisms.
    About the Pivoting Arms on Offer
    • Improves suspension and steering as it allows unrestricted movement. They are harder wearing than the factory version and other after market control arms.
    • Tig welded, zinc plated, alloy spacers with SKF Bearings
    • Camber Adjustable
    • Suits R32, Z32
    • "Street" Spec to correct negative camber on lowered cars. Total length can be adjusted roughly 170-190mn. Stock length is 178mm.
    Version 3 Camber Arms

    These will be Version 3 camber arms, which have been improved to address some of the issues experienced with the version 1 arms released in 2009. Key points include pivoting mechanism moved to the center, larger threads, and larger CNC machined body. They are on-car adjustable.


    Price: RRP on these will be $495/pair, group buy price is $395/pair.
    Timeframe from close of group buy is 8 weeks to delivery. Please note this is an estimate based on the quote I received from the manufacturer.
    How to Order: I will need a 50% deposit to confirm your order, please PM for details. You can also order at http://www.rgsperformance.com/product/pivoting_fuca/
    Terms: As with all Group Buys, your deposit is your commitment to buy. It is non refundable once we go into production. Balance will be payable within two weeks of advising that the order is ready to send, failure to complete your purchase will result in your deposit being lost and your order being sold.
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