Pics from the Motor Show

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by hurgh, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. hurgh

    hurgh New Member

    Yep, that's right, i went to the show and took 190+ pics, so you can go check them out at my site:

    Also if you are just interested in the 350Z then you can go here:

    Hope you like.
    Some of the pics are not the best quality, and the battery ran out at the ned when i was checking out the BMW's and the Audi's and the MG's that is y there is not many pics of them.
    -|- Hurgh -|-
  2. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    only 190 pics?? pfff slacker! :p Nice pics:) (n/m)

  3. DZM

    DZM New Member


    Thx for the pics.....being in wa wouldn't of seen these otherwise:D
  4. zxtt-1

    zxtt-1 mechanically inept

    Yeah I got a few as well :) >>>--

    but NEVER EVER going again on the first Sunday of the show. Never seen so many inconsiderate a--h---s in my life. Walk in front of your shot? sure mister and laugh about it too.:| :| Thank God for digital cameras. Still all in all not a bad show.
  5. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master


    did you have to wait 40 minutes in line?? I will never go again on sunday for that reason. Me and the missus waited for 40minutes in line to get tickets. OUCH! But yeah, it was a good show..:) and I spent the longest amount of time at the 350z..:)CheersJEDI-77
  6. zxtt-1

    zxtt-1 mechanically inept

    Naaah - didn't have to wait at all >>--

    went across to section 21 and bought my ticket there. Then straight in. :) It's behind the 4+4 test section and where all the ancilliary goodies were. A Saab as a Police candy car? You'd better believe it.:|

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