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Discussion in 'Technical' started by 300zxt, Jul 10, 2020.

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    So I've just had this happen in quite spectacular fashion. I'm pretty sure I have this on film from the chase car I'll try and get edited later.

    I am so rusty on my Z mechanically as I've had it in storage for 2 years and it's been so reliable I forgot everything lol. I've just taken it out and it's been going awesome It's putting down maybe 490-500rwhp.

    It just went boom. The chase car driver said a ton of sparks come out the back then smoking which I can only presume was the oil on the exhaust. Can I drive it like this? I have it stranded at my brothers place like this right now.

    It seems to drive okay but I don't want to hurt it. Finally what am I looking at parts wise? The last Z31 I saw for sale here in Australia was $29k if you can believe it lol I do have a 86 turbo parts car I can probably donate from.

    Cheers for any input. I love this car!

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    Not a great photo, but from what I can see you have a diff bearing failure maybe drive shaft failure as well. What type of diff do you have in the car? My strong advise is do not drive it get it on a tow truck. If you have spares not a big problem.
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    Looks like a diff shaft failure and rubbing on the exhaust being the cause of the sparks and smoke from the rubber boot.
    Tow truck job, Not a big deal, thank goodness it wasn't the 'engine'!!

    Z31 nice, rare as these days, I think they look fantastic :)

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