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Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Mr300zx, Nov 29, 2015.

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    All items are in cairns, Queensland, will ship and will get price ( your cost ) too where ever you are and let you know by phone, plus all price are negotiable.
    have a crap load of other part will put when I go though and make the list up of what I have.

    Item Name: auto gear box
    Item Price: $750
    Item Condition: used, good
    Item Description: has a few k on it but beside that very tight and good box

    Item Name: manual gear box
    Item Price: $ 1250.00
    Item Condition: full rebuild
    Item Description: Bought in Japan, ship over, taken in to get rebuilt, was told over all the box has less then 5000k on it total and that was before rebuild.

    Item Name: all the part you will need for full manual conversation
    Item Price: $450
    Item Condition: USED
    Item Description: Bought the car pull all the stuff out and siting in box
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    Hi, I'dbe interested in the gearbox and parts for conversion. PM me when the silly season is iver.

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