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Discussion in 'Technical' started by beaver, May 4, 2018.

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    or nistune. Years ago I put a nistune mother board into my ecu, I had a existing tune that was running the car transferred into the nistune m/b, the tune was done by carl worked well but I'd always intended that tune get me to point where I could have the engine fine tuned by a nistune shop. Well that hasn't happened, instead I've looked into and ended up buying a czp eprom to suite. Im going to check out the base timing on the czp eprom,and anything else I can with datascan and if I don't like it, (say the timing is advanced to much) I'm thinking of buying the nistune software. The ? is who is using the nistune s/w, and if you do what is the verdict, good bad easy just get it, all comments welcome.
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    I like it, pretty easy, and stacks of info on the support forum.

    Haven't looked at it for a while now I think about it.
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