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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by BlueZ, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. BlueZ

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    I came across an interesting article in the March Silicon Chip magazine. Its a DIY replacement for most low wattage globes using super-bright LED's. I'm particularly interested in the festoon globes for the dome light. I seem to be buying one every couple of months.
    Anyway, here's a couple of shots from the article to show you what I mean. The Jaycar ad. featured a kit for one of the assemblies so I assume they will have the others as well.
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  2. Z-ster

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    I bought that mag too ;)

    I did some experimenting a while back and found the LED's weren't bright enough. However, since then newer and brighter LED's have become available. It seems that with every passing month they get brighter, I can't wait until they get cheaper.Never thought about replacing dome light though, sound like a good modification.
  3. JETzx


    auto speed are selling a red led thats rated

    1600-18500mcd , brightest i recall from jaycar is around 6000mcd. They say that this 10mm led they sell is so bright that if you look at it you will see shapes afterwards lol. So i think things have advanced since about $10 for one of these.

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