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    First of all these aren't really new guidelines, just a condensation of four or five stickies containing previous revisions. I'm hoping that this will reduce the number of RBPs and complaints I've been receiving regarding the classifieds section.

    Listing Your Item

    All for sale ads should include the following as a minimum (feel free to copy and paste this template into your ad)

    Item Name:
    Item Price:
    Item Condition:
    Item Description:
    Item Location:
    Will Freight Y/N:
    Cost of Freight:

    You are also strongly encouraged to include pictures within your post. This can be done by uploading pictures to a third party hosting site such as photobucket, or by adding images as attachments to your post.

    Guidelines For Posting

    Please familiarise yourself with the forum guidelines HERE.

    Guidelines For Sellers
    • For Sale threads are for items that are for sale with a SPECIFIED PRICE. If you do not have an asking price, don't post it here or the ad will be deleted.
    • You are responsible for every item that you list. If you cannot personally be held accountable for the accuracy of a description, the condition of an item, or the guaranteed delivery of goods on receipt of payment, don't post it.
    • When posting an item for sale, think about the information a buyer will need and try to provide it up front. For instance "For Sale - targa tops" will only raise the obvious question 2+0 or 2+2? Please include all of the relevant details such as price, your location, willingness to ship interstate or other pertinent information.
    • No gratuitous BUMPING. The Seller may post a price change or an answer to a legitimate question from a potential buyer, or give an update on the item
    • Please post SOLD to your thread once your ad has expired. A moderator can then close the thread.
    • No auctions. Advertisements must have a price rather than requesting an offer and playing members off against each other. If you have, or plan a simultaneous auction on eBay or similar site for the same product(s), by all means place a link in your advertisement for the purpose of additional information or pictures. For such advertisements, your asking price must still be clearly stated within your original post
    • No unnecessary multiple listings. If you have 5 items to sell, put them all in the same advertisement, not 5 separate ones.
    • All items are available until sold, and items that have been sold are no longer available. Items cannot be restricted on the basis of "dibs", and items cannot be considered as still available for sale (even should a better offer come along) once a sale has been agreed upon. Failure to observe a "gentleman's agreement" may result in your restriction from the trading section.
    Guidelines For Buyers
    • Contact with Seller should be by PM. This includes offers, and requests for clarification on the nature of an item for sale. Unless a potential buyer's question requests information which would be of genuine interest to all potential buyers, use PM's.
    • Please respect the owner's right to place their item up for sale without having people replying with unwanted/irrelevant/nuisance posts. If you have genuine concerns regarding an item listed for sale please contact a moderator.
    • Please DO NOT COMMENT ON POSTS THAT AREN'T QUITE RIGHT OR VIOLATE THE GUIDELINES, instead use the RBP function to bring it to moderator attention.
    Guidelines for FOR SALE BY BUSINESS

    The For Sale By Business (FSBB) sub-forum exists for members of this forum who also operate businesses to advertise their goods and services to other members. Please note the following unique guidelines that apply to this forum.
    • Each user may have a maximum of five (5) OPEN threads by any one business or associate thereof, at any time.
    • Respect other Vendors OPEN sale items - NO frivolous or misleading undercutting of same brand-name products.
    • For Sale items should be unique and prices special - no EOI's or new product announcements, no "coming soon", no announcements, no blanket ads.
    • This sub-forum exists for the benefit of forum members at no cost to advertisers, therefore anything offered by businesses must represent genuine value to our forum membership. Advertising items or stock that is available elsewhere at the same price does not constitute an offer to members.

    Please include the following information at the top of your thread. This info will be removed and stored then the thread will be approved.

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