Nems NA to TT conversion, with an added suprise ;)

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    Lucky you, yeah looks top notch,
    Mines due for a clay n polish not the most enjoyable exercise, then again most things besides driving are a PITA with the zed
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  3. SRB-2NV


    Went in for a health check recently as i had fixed a fair few boost leaks and what not. She made 294rwkw at 18psi dropping to 15 on a scorching 42 degree day (was actually 39 in the dyno cell). May throw the nitrous on soon, only real issue i have is work keeps me busy and there is very little to no time for anything fun.


    Get a new job .
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    Thought it was about time for this. Fuel side is done and plumbed up but i had to order more nitrous line to finish. My line lengths are far from optimal but had to be that way to keep the solenoids out of view.

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    NAWZZZZ :D :D :D

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    I'll be testing a 20 shot hopefully in the next few weeks, wont really go above 40-50 till i get the controller sorted 100%.
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    Soo, i managed to get to the drags. No nitrous hooked up as i didn't have time to get the bottle filled. Found out the rear shocks are shot, car tramps and bounces like no tomorrow and it killed any chance of a decent time.

    Weight was 1590kg with me in it.

    Run 1:
    16PSI boost
    12.600 @ 114.74MPH
    2.035 60ft

    Set the 2step to 5300RPM, but stupidly left the maximum speed for the 2 step at 25kph... this caused the car to cut out mid launch.

    Run 2:
    20PSI > 16PSI
    12.480 @ 115.83MPH
    2.098 60ft

    Set 2step to 5500RPM, removed speed limit for 2step.... car tramped so hard on the rear left wheel that i thought it broke something.

    Run 3:
    13.387 @ 112.99MPH
    2.188 60ft

    Worst run out of all, thought i could up the 2step to 5800RPM to maybe get a bit of spin instead of tramping.... boy was i wrong! Rear end bounced 4-5 times it looked like one of those lowriders.

    Next 2 runs i tried lower RPM, 4800 and 5100, and it bogged pretty badly and did 12.8 on both runs.

    Bought a set of rear coils, rear upper control arms and will be back on the next available sunday to try again. Confident the car has an 11 in it as it sits, hopefully my bottle will be filled by that time too!
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    Saw the video, holy tramp batman, danced up and down for the first 60'

    Our cars' rear suspension geometry is known to be flawed. Best thing we can do is overhaul it with new bushes throughout the subframe, keep stock ride height and fresh stock rear shocks and springs if you want it to weight shift and grip at the rear.
  10. SRB-2NV


    Not much has been happening and the zed has been sitting for a while. However i finally got to fitting my Link G4+ ecu and a pair of apexi pod filters to see if we can free up a few more ponies. Next step after this is to fit a set of boost actuated exhaust cutouts to lower backpressure. I'm chasing every single aspect i can before upgrading turbos.

    If i can dodge the wastegates up to hold a touch more boost I'd say 320rwkw isn't out of the picture. I also wouldn't mind dropping a few lbs out of it as its a heft 1499kg without me.
  11. SRB-2NV


    Ok well my wastegates are getting weaker, so I've ordered two tial 38mm external wastegates with 1 bar springs. We'll see how they perform in the next month or so.
  12. SRB-2NV


    Ok well in the interest of actually drag racing the car I've just picked up a RE4R03A auto tt box.. the plan is to add an MV automatics fully manualised valve body and high stall converter. Cars nitrous kit is completely hooked up and i believe itll go best with an auto.

    Few more updates planned soon as i will be wrapping the car using a black dye for the tweed interior. Stay tuned!
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    Just picked up a billet flex plate
  14. SRB-2NV


    Ok well a long time coming with this, I've just picked up a GT4202 with a 1.05ar turbine housing for the compound turbo build. Stock turbos are being modded to external wastegate within the next few days and the gt42 will be rear mounted. Been in two minds about actually going through with it but since the turbos already on its way there's no backing out now. Will post further updates when i get back to Australia.
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    Now this is sounding interesting.
    Where did you get the billet flexplate from?
  16. SRB-2NV


    Flex plate is a Z1 item i picked up 2nd hand off the forum.
  17. Boll!

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    I’ve been searching for a billet flexplate for a while, and haven’t come up with anything, is it a 300ZX specific item?
  18. SRB-2NV


    Its Z32 specific but not offered by Z1 anymore.
  19. Boll!

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    Ahh ok, cheers
  20. SRB-2NV


    External wastegates are welded onto the dumps, just need to make a proper divider to completely separate the wg side from the turbine.

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