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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by PHATZX, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Risk

    Risk New Member

    why buy anything when "i love you" costs >>

    nothing! :)neither does a "roll in the hay".... but i doubt you'll be getting that without a present.... (and before anyone says it - a "roll in the hay" does cost you.... if your quick1 :) ).geez... i feel cheap and dirty! :p

    PHATZX New Member

    That's what she'll give me....>

    But I aint complainin' dats for sue!!!:D
  3. NoMoreZed

    NoMoreZed New Member

    Zed keyring ? (n/m)

  4. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Aim is to make her feel "special" >>>

    I know this is hard for us guys to imagine, we just want: beer, sex, food, sleep and fun... but the fairer sex wants to be assured that they are special to you... IMHO "doing something special" for her beats buying her "something special"... And I know this is a bugger, because we are lazy sods and it is easier to buy something...Try this PHATZX - cook her a special candle-lit dinner where she has to do absolutely nothing but turn up. Greet her with flowers, or put them at her already set dinner place (rather than making her set the table! - resist the temptation, I know it is hard)... Take her coat etc. when she enters, give her a foot massage etc.... All these things don't cost much (or anything) but require effort...And that is what they are after at the end of the day - for you to show her that you have gone to an effort, buying a quick card and gift on the way home is not comparable, to going out of your way to make dinner/go for a picnic etc....Having said that, I have no idea what I'm going to do for my Girlfriend yet!!!

    PHATZX New Member

    Cook her dinner???

    Well I hope she like 2min noodles:p
    Good idea Whitey, similar to bluefairy's picnic idea. Seems like a lot of effort! I aint rubbin' her feet though, that's for damn sure. You prolly right about the 'something special' thing, instead of buying something on the way home from work (hehe that was my original plan until I posted this).
    Thanks Everyone, I'm sure to get a few browny points this year:D
    I sense there is a few smooth movers out there on the forum;)
  6. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Well it's easier that installing a UDP! :p

    Just ask your Mum for a recipe and follow the instructions... Or buy something that looks home cooked, sneak home, unpack it, put it into the oven and pretend you cooked it!!! :p :p :D

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Hahahaha, Matt didn't even do that..>>

    He got Ben to install his pulley.

    PHATZX New Member

    I helped:|

    Someone needed to be the observer=)
  9. blondie

    blondie New Member

    yeah buuutttttt

    not if you bought her one of her very own.....a zed I mean and no not a toy one=)
  10. blondie

    blondie New Member

    what about the key???????? (n/m)

  11. blondie

    blondie New Member

    my response to that

    is heed your own words, if I had that I'd be his forever....and no Pete I would like red roses;)
  12. blondie

    blondie New Member

    I agree

    and I can observe pete cook a dinner and supply me with red roses for valentines??
  13. PHATZX

    PHATZX New Member

    Pete has a soft side????.....:p (n/m)

  14. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    You haven't seen the love hearts

    that are incorporated into his death and skull tattoos? What a softy.Ben
  15. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Yep, I'm just a big marshmallow. (n/m)


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