NA motor, coilpacks and bits and peices

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  1. blue32zx

    blue32zx The answer is 42

    Na motor, done 200,000kms but with nissan 200k service 600 bucks

    coilpacks, true kms unknown but appear to be close to new, plastic stil feels soft. 150 bucks

    pass side window switch 30 bucks

    TT radiator in good condition done 100,000kms 200 bucks

    sun visors, in good condition, i did offer these to some1 and couldnt work out how to sed pics, i can do that now so if he comes forward he has first pic.

    NA tailshaft 150 bucks

    gear lever holderuperer, these go under the shift boot, and have a rubber hanger to hold lever up. this one is broken but can be welded up, they are like hens teeth to find a 2nd hand one. i know i tried to find one a year ago. 100 bucks

    all prices are exclude postage.

    pm me for more details...


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