Z32 Location of Diode array for door switches & interior lamps

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ivan129, Dec 29, 2023.

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    Hi, I'm hoping someone may have traced this out before. My room lamp relay is always on, so to trace the problem I need to locate the diode array that the door switches connect to. Can anyone tell me where its located or can share a picture. EL64 shows the wiring diagram but I haven't been able to locate the doides at B10.

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    Well for those who are interest, the fault was the glove box switch and lamp. Must have been an aftermarket mod as its not shown on the wiring diagram. Switch was always closed, LED lamp and socket had fallen out of it hole in the back of the glovebox down the back so it wasn't visible. When I reconnected the battery in the dark I could spot the faint glow from the LED. Remounted the LED and socket securely, Adjusted the switch and problem solved. This sort of fault drains around 250 - 280mA, enough to drain & flatten the battery over a couple of days. With the issue fixed battery drain is a little under 10mA from Radio and Alarm.
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    Thanks for the follow up and letting us know what you found and how you fixed it.

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