Hoist in shed, available for hire - Sunshine Coast QLD

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by Painfull, Aug 1, 2015.

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  1. Painfull

    Painfull Member

    Hi all.

    Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here unless / until told otherwise.

    I have recently installed a hoist to work on my own cars and am interested in making a little cash back on my investment. Anyone in QLD, or willing to drive here :) and in need of a hoist for any job - big or small, get in touch if a hoist is what you need.

    Just a hoist at this stage, so bring your own tools, at least until I get some cash to provide some. Work area is basic but spacious, not at all cramped. Hoist is of course NOT low enough to get under a Z :s well not mine anyway, so I have already improvised some blocks to park on.

    Hoist is professionally installed and has been checked / serviced by a registered technician. Safety first folks ;) So please don't be offended when I ask you to read the instructions and sign an agreement prior to use. Asking rate at this stage will be $20 an hour or $100 for the day (8:00-4:00), at least until I get a feel for what is appropriate. 'Polite suggestions' on the rate would be most welcome. It's not like I've done this before, so I'm happy to accept some guidance from others.

    The hoist has made a few otherwise troublesome jobs a lot easier for me, and will continue to be useful, even for basic servicing / checks. Saved me a few hundred dollars already last weekend when I discovered that the reverse lights that haven't worked since I bought the car, and had been reported by other mechanics (whom I once trusted) as 'needing the switch replaced', had simply been unplugged at the gearbox all along and was literally a 2 minute fix!

    As mentioned - get in touch to make arrangements. Would need some notice, and would be MOSTLY weekends at this stage. Please don't ask me to be there in an hour. I have a job and a business of my own. I'd love to help some people get stuff done on their Z's, but not at the expense of my own Job / sanity etc ;) So please drop me a PM, or email: painfull[at]gmail.com any time, or TXT 0422763601 (during business hours please).


  2. kingkenny21

    kingkenny21 effortless

    do you mean the hoist arms are not low enough to get under? or the hoist doesn't go very high?
  3. Painfull

    Painfull Member

    Height matters

    Hoist doesn't fit under my Z ;) The blocks are to park the wheels on to get an extra inch off the floor so the arms can get under the chassis / side skirts.

    Hoist is 3.8 meters. I'm 182cm and it's perfectly comfortable to work under the car standing up.
  4. kingkenny21

    kingkenny21 effortless

    Ok cool. I have sent you a text
  5. Painfull

    Painfull Member

    No longer available, but cannot see a way to delete this post. Sorry.
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