haydengolz's 1991 Aus Spec Z32

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    Hi all!

    Figured it's about time that I put something up about this, considering I've been lurking on here for quite some time now...

    This is my 1991 Nissan 300ZX. It's Australian Delivered, 2+2, non turbo and automatic. I bought the Z off the original owners' granddaughter back in May 2016 with 153,000km on it. The previous owner was given the car by her grandparent's after it had been off the road for a couple of years as they had got a newer and more practical car.

    I was in Sydney looking at an R33 GTS-T at the time, when this came up on eBay. I made an offer and got the car for a touch over $3,000.


    A month after buying it, the transmission blew while I was in Sydney... 800km away from home!
    So I eventually got it back home and it sat in the garage for a year and a half until I had the money to put a new transmission in it. After tossing up between the idea of converting it to manual or just putting another auto in it, I ended up taking the latter route.


    After sourcing an auto from an R33 Skyline, the Z went into my work to let the guys have the joy of putting the box in.

    And back on the road she went...


    And that's all I have time to write tonight. Ill update more tomorrow with more pictures of changes/ things fixed.
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    That looks like an awesome work space...!

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