Z32 garrett gt2871r any good

Discussion in 'Technical' started by timothyds, May 13, 2022.

  1. timothyds

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    so I have a line on a pair of rebuilt Garrett gt2871r's with new cors, ate these any good for a mildish street 5 speed? They will end up costing about the same as rebuilding my stock turbos. I have upgraded sidemounts stock injectors, and upgraded downpipes. Having the engine out for head gaskets so may as well do something while it's out.

    Is $1900 a good price?
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    Horribly laggy
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  3. IB

    IB ?????

    You would need a lot of supporting mods to make those turbos work.
    Hi flows would be a better option with the mods you have.
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  4. timothyds

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    Do you know if hi flow autos end up the same as hi flow manuals? as I have a spare set of autos on the shelf I could get done.
  5. timothyds

    timothyds Member

    Thanks mate will give them a miss then.

    MORBOOST Active Member

    The manual turbine housings, will always make more power and hold further up the rev range. The auto housings will make power sooner but drop of before the manuals,
    .64 manual vs .54 auto - - mambatek turbo make rear housings that are .57 sort of in the middle, look at the rear wheel size of the core you want to use and pick the one that fits, machine out your spare stock front housings and your done.


    https://www.shop.mambatek.com/Nissa...ng-Turbine-Housing-013-1626.htm?categoryId=-1 - this is the one you want up to 2871r.

    With turbo selection, pick the power you want to make then workout how much boost and type of fuel you want to use to make the power and its easy to narrow it down. This wheel size in this housing makes X and comes on at Y.
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