Z32 Front rotor's and front hub's 1992 N/A

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    Hi I hope some one can help me with this I have a noisy right hand front wheel bearing and a warped brake rotor as well. On my 1992 Z32 300 zx. But I know that year they changed the set up to the same hub's and Front brake rotor in that year 1992 to the TT specifications im just not sure if I have an early Z32 N/A or one after the changes? I just don't want buy the wrong one's. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Easiest way to tell is by measuring the thickness of your disc. TT is 30mm & early NA is only 26mm.
    To the best of my knowledge they all the use the same front wheel bearings.

    If you have the early NA front brakes, this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your brakes to TT (or even Brembo if you drive your zed hard :cool:)

    Either way, I would not suggest changing just the warped rotor. Always fit a new pair of rotors.
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    Z32-002842, built March 1991. Will have 26mm brakes (unless someone already changed them in the past 30 years).
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