Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by CrestaJohn, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    True that. Would go and replace almost everything if I had the money ;>

  2. zed4life (zedcare.com)

    zed4life (zedcare.com) Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    I'll have a set of both thanks mojumbo!

    Well done on getting these in...
  3. vbevan

    vbevan Active Member

    Where in australia are you Cresta, and how much for shipping to Perth? I'm keen, as long as shipping isn't a lot.
  4. OZ-300

    OZ-300 Godfather

    I'm interested in one of each if this goes ahead John.



  5. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    I'm in Brisbane but we usually do a group ship to Minivan's to save on freight.
  6. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    Peter, definately going ahead mate. They have been ordered. I'll put you down for them

  7. vbevan

    vbevan Active Member

    OK, defintly keen on one left, I'll check the right this sat to confirm that one also.
  8. SIM300


    G'day John...

    Any update?
  9. maTTz

    maTTz 500 Club

    yeah any update John?

    i'm looking forward to having a sidepod that doesn't look like shite

  10. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS


    Received email Friday, because I ordered so many, they have had to place order from Nissan JP distribution centre for more. Is going to take another 3 weeks to get them all in to JP office. I have enquired on air freighting them over to supply the demand but as you would all be aware...very spensive so I scrapped that idea.
    So please bare with me, they WILL arrive, its now just a matter of when.
    Splash shields, targa hooks etc are all on this shipment due anytime.

    I will re-post when stuff arrives in guys.
    Sorry bout that news but my hands are tied, which wouldn't be sucha bad thing if it was by a 6' gorgeous blonde.

  11. Baron

    Baron Active Member

    How much for the blonde?
  12. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    As mentioned in previous posts Vic, we can work on hourly, daily OR weekly rates. Please refer to page 41 in the latest people magazine...that is her.
    Major credit cards are welcome. Unfortunatley though, Mark (zed4life) has her booked until xmas.LOL
  13. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    Im in!

    thanks John.
  14. OZ-300

    OZ-300 Godfather

    I'm not in any great rush John. The original ones, although very brittle are still doing the job. Just let me know when they arrive.


  15. zed4life (zedcare.com)

    zed4life (zedcare.com) Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    I swear it's for secretarial work only ...

    gotta have someone to do all the invoices I'm spitting out. Am looking forward to a long break in Sept..

    PS: Oh, and she only takes cash :cool:

  16. MAT89Z

    MAT89Z New Member

    Is it too late to get in on this John ? Sorry I haven't been on the forums for a while and only just saw the post...

    Would be after a LH one,


  17. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    Its ok Matt, I have a lot coming so you are safe. Better give me your contact details incase forum goes again.

  18. ZMANnyc

    ZMANnyc 300zx ZMAN


    Im in, let me know the details,I need both

  19. JB300ZX

    JB300ZX New Member

    The passenger side electric window switch surround

    Cresta like one of the other guys my passenger side electric window switch and surround sits up in the air. Would a new surround fix this and can you source some of these?


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