EOI: 1992 Australian Delivered 300zx

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Cookie, May 5, 2007.

  1. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    My beloved 300zx is up for sale. i have owned it for the last 4 years, and it has been my absolute pride and joy. I am selling because i have new priorities in life i need to follow. I really don't have much need for a car, only drive it approx 3000kms in the last year. I have access to 3 of my parents cars that i can use at any time, so i have decided to invest the money from the sale in the hope that when i finish uni i will be able to put a deposit on a unit.

    Since i have owned the car, i have serviced it every 7000kms with motul 300v engine oil. Absolutely no expense has been spared on the maintenance of my car. The 100K service has been completed at Liverpool Nissan when i purchased the car. .


    Located on the lower north shore of sydney

    Sept 1992 Build
    Aus Spec Charcoal Grey (nicer than j-spec)
    Aus spec Series 2
    Manual Transmission
    93,000 kms
    2+2 Targa
    Velour interior (not the rubbish tweed)


    UAS 2000 spec front bar
    Nismo Clear Side Indicators
    Clear Rear Indicators
    17" 350Z touring wheels with Nexen N3000 tyres Approx 70% tread

    TT Brake Calipers
    Stoptech slotted rotors all round with Bendix Ultimates
    Stoptech Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines
    Motul Brake Fluid
    Chili Master Cylinder Brace

    Front and Rear UAS strut Braces
    Dobson lowered springs all round
    Koni adjustable shocks front
    Bilstien shocks rear
    Noltec front adjustable upper camber arms
    UAS front adjustable castor rods

    UAS extractors
    2.5" all the way through
    UAS X-Pipe resonator
    Magnaflow twin tip Mufflers
    Metalcat High-Flow cats

    UR lightweight underdrive pulley
    Daiken heavy duty clutch
    Xtreme Lightweight flywheel
    Apexi SAFC 2
    Apexi ITC
    Davies Craig 110l/h Electric water pump
    16" electric thermo fan
    Greddy Electronic Multi-Switching controller (running pump and fan)
    K&N pod
    one-piece tailshaft

    Stereo (pretty basic)
    Pioneer head
    Kicker Splits front
    Pioneer 6 X 9 rear in boxes
    Nismo Gear Knob
    Gauge Rings
    3-point immobiliser
    25% tint

    Car makes approx 145rwkw on UAS dyno

    by far the most enjoyable 300zx NA to drive, JP continually says what a good example it is to me. all modifications have been professionally installed with the vast majority of work been carried out by UAS (who get a rubbish wrap on this forum, but in my experience are the BEST workshop in sydney that i have dealt with, i have nothing but praise for John and his team who were always willing to help me out).





    the car is in excellent condition, which people who have seen it will attest to.

    i get on the forums regularly so feel free to pm me or 0408 004 648.

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  2. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    ...without a second thought. Awesome car, definately one of the best looking NA's around sydney and has the mods to back it up.

    Owner is also a top bloke and it will be sad to this one sold...
  3. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    cheers rob

    it really is only an EOI at the moment, it'll be terrible to see it go if it does. i think my mum is more attached to it than me, she's madly trying to talk me out of even considering selling it! its just one of those times in life where new priorities arise.

  4. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    no comments, queries?

    even the post whores have been very silent
  5. azzurro

    azzurro Boostin Outlaw

    mate youll be sad to see it go..

    thats a bloody nice example... perfectly maintained and upgraded...

    upgraded the right way...so it seems.

    i think you'll need to be very patient... as your aiming for a select market...

    i think any 1 after a non-trouble(turbo) zed.... would be MAD to not get this!

    ive already got an Aussie spec of my own... and i appreciate the mark..

    also...kids that need a powerful car and dont wanna pay exotic insurance ... ie with RAA, AMMI , CGU ect... aussie spec is perfect for that...

    genuine series II aussie with under 100,000.. for only 16K.. thats under 1/5th of its original value! total bargain

    good luck..

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  6. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    cheers thanks for the kind words

    what you are saying about a select market is absolutely true, but lucky for me, patience is not a problem

  7. mmmdreg

    mmmdreg Member

  8. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    price is negotiable

  9. anolofos

    anolofos New Member

    It looks great mate, I wish I had the money to grab it.:mad: ;)
  10. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Nice one, too bad your in NSW
    Im in the market for one of these :D
    GL with the sale
  11. mmmdreg

    mmmdreg Member

    Surely you could go for a nice drive from Syd to Vic =)
  12. ZeDHeD

    ZeDHeD Well-Known Member

    Syd to Adel

    I went all the way to Sydney from little ol Adelaide when I bought my Z! :zlove:
    Worth every km!!......Flew over & the 'test drive' home via Melbourne was great! .......couldn't get the smile off my face the whole way! :D
  13. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    offers anyone?

    price is neg
  14. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Yeah, but Do I know for sure, no bull, that for the mostpart everythings good with it?
    Also, Im not sure if it would be legal for a P plater in Victoria, with the mods..let me know if you know
  15. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    i am almost positive it would be p plater legal

    there are no "engine" modifications as such, which is what i believe can make a NA 6 p plater illegal, however NSW laws are different to VIC laws. using the vic roads high-powered vehicle calculator, with the kerb weight at 1543 kg and the power at an optimistic 190kw, it is 123kw per tonne, which is under the 125kw per tonne limit for p platers
  16. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Sounds good. Only other problem is trying to convince my dad to come up, and seeing how negotiable it actually is (I'm guessing not much).Another thing, I (stupidly) got my automatic license (because I didnt have a manual car to practise on) and thought I'd buy my car, then go for my manual license. Also, I'm on $11 an hour, worked over 1100 hours for my car since 2005 (you do the math) :D so wanna make sure what I'm buying is...well...awesome
  17. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    thats alot of work

    and yep, i would be the same.
  18. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    interior pics




  19. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    one of the few zeds

    where the oil pressure sender works!

  20. JAMEZX

    JAMEZX New Member

    Im still kinda interested
    Im just waiting to see if my loan gets approved, then we can talk :D

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