Cheap Z31 Turbo (North Bris)

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Zed31, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Unfortunately, it's official. I AM selling the z. Unforeseen cicumstances ($$$ troubles) have led me to sell her. I do not have pics at this time, WILL get some soon.

    Nissan 300zx turbo, 88model cali, 6/87 build date

    Will suit enthusiest, good project car.

    In not so good, but running condition. Inspections welcome
    Needs a little bit of fixing up, not too much. Just little things, I have stated them in previous posts.

    Asking $3500 O.N.O. Regretful sale, sadly need $$$ :(

    Again, pics WILL be posted soon. Any questions, leave a post or pm me.
    Cheers, Josh
  2. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Price Drop!!!

    C'mon people, it's worth something. Welcome to inspections, north bris area.

    asking $3,000 ONO

    PM me or e-mail
  3. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy


    Sorry for delay of Pics, poor quality but recent. More to come.

  4. rollin

    rollin First 9

    Ive ssen this one in person. I looks nice and sounds good too.

    3k is a cheap turbo Zed.

    Good luck with the sale mate
  5. Mr Camouflage

    Mr Camouflage S30Z - C110 - CSP311

    Thats the damage your Uncle did? Sounded worse in the other thread.
  6. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    I replaced 2 things. The centre grey bit and the r/h tail light. It may have sounded worse than it is, I was just pissed that it happened
  7. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Car Stats/Info

    I've been asked to place more info on the car.

    88 model Nissan 300zxturbo Californian, 6/87 build date.
    The car has been lowered on 17in unknown rims, 265 rear, 225 front.
    3in turbo back exhaust and pod filter. Sounds very nice. May have a leak though?? If so, only small, should be a sinch to fix

    Known faults:
    The only mechanical problem I know of is leaking EFI hoses (not that that's really mechanical) but makes it a dog to run. Front right needs new studs (not much to fix)
    Could use a lick of paint.
    Interior Is in Fair condition, seats A1. Door trim A1, except for arm rest falling off (just a screw :p) Hood lining replaced 18mnths ago. A1
    Targs roof trim needs attention. Not desperate though.
    Vinyl/Dash in all good nick, missing stereo surround/facia thing (see pic)
    And of course, attention to the rear. No mechanical damage.

    As you can see, it's merely small problems. They just got away from me. $3000 is still a very fair asking price for this car. Any comments or questions, post pm or e-mail me,

    cheers. Josh
  8. 300zxt

    300zxt Well-Known Member

    No kidding! That damage isn't even half bad and would be easily fixed! The other mechanical problems could be fixed in a day aswell, I have too many Z's as it is though! :p
  9. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    somebody buy this and spend 2 grand on it

    and youve got a awesome condition z31 californian....
  10. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    BUMP $3,000ono. Still here

    This will be a great project car or daily runner for someone. Fix the little things, chuck on a FMIC, boost er up a bit, and away you go!

    Still $3,000ono. Surely there's some interest o_O car is also posted on ozdat.
  11. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    I can't believe this thread isn't getting any hits!!!
  12. rollin

    rollin First 9

    yeah not much activity. have u got it on the z31 forums?
  13. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    BUMP. Only $3k!!!

    Still for sale. 300zxturbo cali. 3k minimum.
  14. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Offered $2k

    I am NOT selling the Z for $2k!!! :bash: If you can do better, post.
  15. smifT

    smifT smifT

    I'd love to strip this and make it into a drift car ;)

    I'd consider it if I wasn't still paying my Zed off:bash:
  16. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Still F/S or SWAP

    Hey guys. The Z31Turbo is still for sale. I've decided that it is NOT negotiable, $3,000 I believe is a fair asking price. 3in full exhaust, Front coilovers (unknown), lowered stiffer rear springs, Nice BOV....the handling of this car is BRILLIANT. Keep in mind, The rears are about 70% tread and you'll need new fronts.

    So, $3,000 stands as the asking price, however, I am now open to trades +/- cash adjustment if necessary. Just post up some offers people!

    Regards, Josh.
  17. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Just to quote my self. :p
  18. the_zed

    the_zed 84 zed


    i'll give you $500 for the front bumper,hood and headlights if you thinking about parting it out.
  19. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    Not 100% sure bout selling now mate, but I'm definately not parting her up. Sorry bud.
  20. Zed31

    Zed31 Ron Burgandy

    $2000 as is.

    $2000ono as is. Now needs a new water pump.

    Inspections welcome, Redcliffe, 20mins north of Brisbane. PM me if interested

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