Carbon Fibre Air Guides

Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by Gonzo, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. Gonzo


    I am making real 3 peice carbon fibre radiator air guides and carbon fibre door pillars

    $30.00 for pair of door pillars.
    $160.00 for 3 peice air guides.
    $100.00 for centure air guides.



  2. 5K1TZX

    5K1TZX Its all never ending....

    Love the carbon air guides man!. Even temping me to ditch my polished s/steel one I waited 3 months for from UAS lol. I rekkon i'll be getting some of those carbon B pillar pieces tho...can you give me any more pics man if possible?.

    cheers mate.
  3. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    I like the air guides

    Not so keen on the door pillars, but that is just personal as they are yet another great Gonzo product :>

    What about something like the dash vents that this guy makes:

    That could be a big seller, especially if you did the matching vents on the side :>

    I think it is only a panel that rivets on to the top of the existing vents, but if you could do a complete replacement, that would be awesome :>

  4. Gonzo


    dash vents

    Hi your link didnt work for me.
    But I take it you wont the lager vent near the windscreen I could do a incert panel that just sit over the old panel,
    Mine is good so im not going to take it out the make a copy if some one send me a good one I could do a copy to make new C/F ones for sure.

  5. Kac13z32

    Kac13z32 New Member

    Door Pillars

    Im in for door pillars, have u got any made up? how do u want me to pay? how much for freight?
  6. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

    Yeah, it is the demister vent. The powertrix design holds down a lifting dash just by oversizing it slightly.

    They sell for between US$100-150 + p&p, so if you could do them for about AU$100 or so, you would get quite a few (myself included).

    Put up an ad in the wanted section or I can send you mine if you are not going to be too long with them. That way you can send back the modified ones ;D

    Just PM your postal address.

  7. LazyZed

    LazyZed Active Member

  8. minivan

    minivan Guinea Pig Test Monkey

  9. Gonzo


    Door pillars


    I will be doing some up this week if you wont some.
    Postage I will say $6.00

    Payment methods will be
    1. paypal to---
    2.Bank transfer to ---
    David Healey
    ACC: 10053487
    BSB: 807007

    and pm me with the details you use for payment method and name you used in tranfer so I know who it was and what it was for.


  10. Gonzo


    Bump up

    Bump up

  11. richzx

    richzx Member

    Hey Dave have you made up my air guides yet? Can you pm me your phone number Dave I want to give you a ring and ask you about fibreglassing my 2000 spec front bar.
  12. Gonzo


    Air guide done.

    Pm sent


  13. DwEaMr

    DwEaMr Zed-DDddddicted

    Hey GOnzo....

    Just wondering if you can do the RAG with just normal stainless steel/chrome/metal... in the full 3 piece one????

    IF so much am i looking at?

  14. Gonzo


    Air Guide

    I havnt done any in metal/chrome/Stainless
    Maybe soon i'l let you know.


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