Z32 Blue & Green Relays; whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ivan129, Dec 3, 2023.

  1. ivan129

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    The Blue & Green relays used in the engine bay fuse box have the same pinout, same coil impedance (about 76 Ohms) and same contact pin configuration (make contact). So; can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 2. Does one have a higher current rating for the contacts? If so, what's what? Thanks
  2. ivan129

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    Forgot to add.. I have browsed through the manual; couldn't find any reference that described the difference; and google doesn't seem to know either.
  3. NI85

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    Assumption: may just be helpful to distinguish between circuits. Interestingly the Green ones seem to point to engine running circuits: EGI, Fuel pump, Ign coil
  4. ivan129

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    Did some electical comparisons and then disected them to see inside.
    Both relays have the same pin configuration and numbering
    Both relays have a coil resistance of ~ 80 Ohms. Pins 1 & 2
    Both relays have 1 x Make contact @ pins 3 & 5
    Both relays have a internal 1K resistor accross their coils. This changes the operate and release characteristis of the relay.
    Green relay operates at ~5.0V, Blue relay operates at ~ 6.3V (tends to suggest Blue relay has heavier internal contacts)
    Green relay releases at ~2.0V, Blue relay releases at ~ 2.6V
    Upon inspection of the internals, It does look like the Blue relay has bigger contact and would probably handle higher current than the Green relay.
    In summary: I would suggest that using a Blue relay in place of a Green relay is ok. I do; and the wheels haven't fallen off yet.
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    Great analysis, thanks for posting!

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