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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Tw|STeD, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Tw|STeD

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    I've got a situation here that i can't work out. :| :( I've got 2 dual voice coil subs (each coil = 8 ohm impedance). I've also got an amp that makes the power i want when bridged into 4 ohms but i cant seem to find the right combination to connect it all up!! Is it even possible???thanks :(
  2. Dangerous

    Dangerous Member

    What will your amp think of 2 ohms,

    a 4 ohms is not possible with the combination you have, unless you compromise and don't use two of the coils.
  3. Tw|STeD

    Tw|STeD New Member

    "Mono (bridged) mode is designed ......

    ...for 4-8 ohm loads and will not support a 2 ohm load.""Stereo mode is designed for use with 2,4 and 8 ohm speaker loads."That is taken from the owner's manual. The amp puts out good power at 2 ohms in stereo mode but i don't think i can get that combination either.
    Here are some amp specs:
    4-ohm stereo - 158WRMS x 2
    2-ohm stereo - 244WRMS x 2
    4-ohm bridged - 484WRMS x 1Subs: 250WRMS eachso the max. wattage is double the RMS figure? right?so what sound do u think i could get if i connected the coils in parallel so i'd get 4ohms per sub and connect it in 4 -hom stereo mode and get 158 WRMS per sub? is the lack of power going to damage it?thanks
  4. Dangerous

    Dangerous Member

    Go for 4 ohm stereo. Less power certainly

    won't damage the subs or the amp.
  5. Tw|STeD

    Tw|STeD New Member

    hehehe the situation has changed

    managed to get similar subs (same brand, dual voicecoil/magnet) but each coil is now 4 ohms instead of 8. that way i can connect the coils in parallel an get 2 ohms out of a sub and hook it up to the 2-ohm stereo option with the amp and get 244WRMS per sub. these subs are rated at 250WRMS :D :D :D cant wait to hear it all!!!! thanks for your help

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