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Discussion in 'Technical' started by new 2z, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. new 2z

    new 2z New Member

    hi guys i have a 89 tt clutch was fine after a light drive then i started it the next day the clutch was spongy and didnt grab till near the end of the pedal travel and slipped badly. i have since adjusted the clutch and it doesnt slip anymore however it still engages at about 65-70 % out on the pedal any ideas ?? is the clutch on the way out??
  2. nobull22

    nobull22 Member

    maybe got air on the system, try to bleed it and let see what happen
  3. foremannz

    foremannz New Member

    The main problems I've had with the clutch in that senario is the master cylinder seals are shot, but don't stress if this is the case, because it can be rebuilt for cheap ;)
  4. new 2z

    new 2z New Member

    thanks guys bled the system and done a small clutch adjustment and its good as gold :)

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