Z32 ADM vs JDM power folding mirrors

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NI85, Mar 7, 2022.

  1. NI85

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    The other topics don't really say and any pictures showing mirrors are missing.

    If laid side by side: How do you know the difference between ADM (non power folding) and JDM (power folding) mirrors.

    Are the plugs different shape? ADM have less wires? Part markings?
    Or is just the car lacking wiring for the power folding feature?
  2. Ztealth

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    I think a key, easy giveaway, from the outside, would be that there is very likely to be more wire/connections in the folding version compared to the non-folding version. It is unlikely that both versions are the same, but lack the wire in the actual car, for various countries delivered cars (along the lines of one of your questions). I am confident, if you could get photos of both plugs, there'll be your easy answer.
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  3. MickW

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    I've got a dismantled JDM side mirror in the bone yard. If you haven't already sorted it let me know and I'll post pics for you :)
  4. NI85

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    Thanks, but I have JDM, I just wanted to see ADM difference. As I bought a pair of mirrors that were possibly ADM. However in cleaning them up, they have power folding motor inside.
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  5. ryzan

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    The power folding motor provides more resistance than a non-folding mirror. Not the most scientific test but it's something I guess...
  6. lidz

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    Just for future reference, ADM mirrors have a different plug. No pictures sorry, worked it out a few years back when fitting my abflug mirrors
  7. AndrewG

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  8. NI85

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    Interesting read. Now the question is; Is the design of the American and Australian mirrors mounting points the same? As the outboard mounting screw hole being further away, would be a good
    quick tell of power folding vs non power folding.

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Hey mate if i get a chance i have a stripped set of usdm mirrors at my dads place i can comfirm for you if you like.
  10. NI85

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    I have JDM car
    I bought possible ADM mirrors. Turns out to be JDM (which is fine) as they power fold.
    The TT net shows outside physical difference between US and JDM mirrors. The 3rd outboard screw underneath the mirror folding mounting mounting point is further away (not like the almost uniform spacing of the JDM ones)
    Does the ADM have the same shape and offset mounting screw as the US mirrors? Or is it like the JDM, just lack of wires and plug change.
    If someone has an ADM car: take a look at the mount screws and let me know.
    Picture attached is from TT net but with added text

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