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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by JZX, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. JZX

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    First let me point out that this does not happen every weekend here in Hiroshima - just most of them. This particular weekend happened about a month ago.
    Started on Saturday morning at Autobacs (Read as Autobarn on steroids) picking up some last minute stuff before heading to Miyoshi Proving Ground. In the carpark was this: [image]http://www.greenline.jp/posting/CIMG0091.JPG[/image] Attained 297.7 km/h on my last flying lap with a new RX8 (undergoing testing) gunning it behind me! On the way home was this: [image]http://www.greenline.jp/posting/CIMG0176.JPG[/image] and this: [image]http://www.greenline.jp/posting/CIMG0181.JPG[/image] Later in the day did some spirited driving with two other white cars on national route 2: [image]http://www.greenline.jp/posting/CIMG0211.JPG[/image] Then off to greenline which ended early on this particular night because of an accident: [image]http://www.greenline.jp/posting/CIMG0178.JPG[/image] All the pics (not many and are pretty bad) can be found here:
    http://www.greenline.jp/posting J.
  2. Risk

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    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! :) (n/m)

  3. quick1

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    very kool!!! 297km/h :D (n/m)

  4. Risk

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    so weres the pics of your RX7? :) (n/m)

  5. quick1

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    ?? me ?? what you on about risky :-0 (n/m)

  6. JZX

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    Here..before turbo and intercooler ->
  7. JimmyZ

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    how much would it cost to import a turbo RX7

    like yours into australia?
  8. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    Can only import 98 onwards

    due to similar deal with 2+2's (same shape sold in Australia) so it's pretty expensive... around $50k. If you import an early model of that shape for race only purposes they are pretty good.... you can get one for around $12k landed. As usual, correct if wrong :)Ben
  9. Risk

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    very nice jase - how does she compare to >

    the zed? ::Risk::
  10. JZX

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    Hard to compare with my zed...

    Got the car with a few after market bits on it including some fairly decent suspension. It does handle like a go kart though.You'll probably see my dad in it around Perth around September/October this year.J.
  11. Risk

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    the rx7?? (n/m)

  12. Scotty

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    Go the shoe :p
  13. JZX

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    He's driving around in the Zed now.

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