For Sale 98+ spec gearbox

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  1. ProckyZ89

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    BCBDBC18-8923-424D-8841-BAD4C2519EF7.jpeg $2500

    98+ spec 5 spd manual trans

    Mainly highway km.
    Served a roll racing outing or 2 and runway drags.
    Great condition.
    Shifts smooth and sharp when removed with no problems.

    built how the VG box always should have been with better wearing synchro and tapered selector gate.

    only selling due to upgrade to handle more power and abusive driving.

    located NSW, Sydney area

    $2500 or reasonable offer BCBDBC18-8923-424D-8841-BAD4C2519EF7.jpeg
  2. mark

    mark mark

    is this still for sale

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