NSW 90 T-Top Twin Turbo Manual

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    Hey there folks
    Sadly, my project car is leaving the family - Change of circumstances.
    De-Registered June last year as I intended a ground up rebuild.

    1990 Z32 Manual Twin Turbo

    The good -
    * Interior asides from a fallen off A Pillar mould - Good condition
    * Nismo 5 spoke "GT LM?" Rims, fitting 235/45/ZR17 rubber on all 4 rims
    * T-Top covers all complete, no leaks anywhere
    * New alloy radiator fitted
    * Mechanical Boost Controller (Engine Bay)
    * HKS Variable timing unit (Disconnected)

    The bad -
    * Engine overheats
    * Rear suspension requires complete replacement or HICAS eliminator kit
    * Paint on one panel is serviceable, the rest are not good
    * Power steering fluid leak
    * Rear hatch door has heavy rust under the wing.

    Long story short - I had plans to respray and repair, then enjoy.
    Plans have changed for me, it needs to go.

    Pics are available on request - I'd have to move stuff around to take them now :eek:
    At this stage, I'm open to offers.

    Sorry folks - -Forgot the asking price! :rolleyes2:

    Asking 3k - pickup only


    Redd Zedd
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    Hi, you need to post an asking price as per forum guidelines. If you can please PM one to me I'll edit it into your opening post

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